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Memorial Day, Last Year...

Since Memorial Day is this weekend, I thought I would share with you what our Memorial Day was like here at Walking on Sunshine last year...

As most of you know, my father passed away a week before Memorial Day and that week was filled with...well, I'm sure you know.  At the funeral on Thursday, my wonderful husband, The Colonel still wanted to have a few people over for Memorial Day.  We had made some tentative plans before my dad passed away and I really thought we would just cancel.

Let me say that in another way, I really wanted to cancel.  

But, the Colonel wanted his sister and her family to come over and then my sister and her family wanted to come over, and so on and so on...

I wanted NOTHING to do with having a barbecue.  

I wanted to crawl in a bed and disappear for a few days.  

But no one seemed to really care what I wanted at that point.  Everyone wanted to come over, so I gave in and tried to get excited about having to cook and clean, etc. 

Sunday, the Colonel and I went to Sam's and came home with all the food we would need for Monday.  We were only expecting maybe 10 people.  
Not bad.  I can do this.  
I might even have fun.  

Only Sunday night something happened.  
My stomach. 
 I really must explain that I never throw up.  
Not even when I was pregnant.  
Well, let's just say I really made up for that last year...12 hours before everyone was to come to our house for a barbecue.  

I spent the night in the bathroom.  
The Colonel never heard me.  I don't know how, but I guess when you're in the military you learn to sleep through anything.  He was quite surprised when he woke up in the morning to see how sick I was.  

I really thought he would say to me, "Well, let's cancel our party."  
What do you think he did?  He called everyone and informed them that I was sick but they could still come over!!  
He told them all that I would stay upstairs in the bedroom away from everyone.  
How nice of him! 

My mother and sister took care of serving everyone.  The Colonel cooked the hamburgers on the grill and everyone had a wonderful time while I laid up in our bedroom, with an occasional run into the bathroom, watching a marathon of Jon and Kate Plus Eight.   

I guess I got my wish after all...


  1. Oh, Lois, what an unpleasant day. Hoping this year will be full of health,joy and fun for YOU and well as your family.

  2. Hey I just spent the night in the bathroom on Monday...

    Thanks for sharing this. I love your honest heart and how you are able to be with us, showing us who you are, and how Christ works in your life. ((hugs))

  3. Oh such an icky way to spend Memorial Day. It probably didn't matter to you anyway since you had your dad on your mind. I'm so sorry about his passing. I can feel the emotion in your words. I hope you have a happier time this year. Blessings, Loretta

  4. This post makes my heart sad for you. I know how hard it is to loose a daddy too. Try to enjoy this Memorial Day with a fresh outlook.
    Hugs and Prayers,

  5. The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

    Praying that you'll have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  6. ((((HUGS)))) Sweet friend!! May God bless you with a joyous Memorial Day weekend filled with laughter and the love of family and friends!!


  7. I know Memorial Day must be hard for you now. Praying that this year will be better for you. HUGS!

  8. I do understand babe. I still have days like this. On Mothers Day I really could careless abut a mom in the world. I didn't have mine and didn't care if there was a holiday or not.
    I have times I still get sick and can't stop because of the alone feeling and I just need to be alone.
    We celebrated so much as a family it seems there is always something missing.
    Best of luck on a good weekend.

  9. Oh Wow! Men can be a little clueless, sometimes huh?

    Here's hoping that this Memorial Day will be filled with much better memories! Have a super weekend!

  10. What a horrible, rotten, no good day! I love your honesty!

    As I was reading about Liz and your mom serving everyone, all I could think was how therapeutic that probably was for them, putting them right in their element. I'm just sorry you had to take the hit. I hope this year is much better and that you get to enjoy a burger!

  11. I'm sorry you are sick and hope you are better soon!

    Cyber hugs coming your way,


  12. I know last year was so hard for you. Your sickness may have been the culmination of everything you had to bear during that time. Sounds like you have a weekend of *good things* planned for this holiday! Enjoy and stay well :)

  13. It's great that the Colonel is so able to hold the fort in emergencies - it was a big ask for you in such a dark time. F x

  14. Oh, dear what a day.....hope this year will be a much better day! Oh, and guess what??? You won the giveaway on my I will be getting with you on getting your address to get the SL subscription started! congrats! You can email me your mailing info at suzanne(dot)joffrion(at)gmail(dot)com.
    Thanks so much for entering!


  15. This year will be better! Have a nice weekend.

  16. maybe getting sick was gods way of letting you be alone and mourn your loss and rest your aching heart. and pehaps having your sis and mom help serve the meal gave themt he therapy they needed by keeping their minds busy .god works in mysterious ways

    Hey my hubby has slept through everything so I understand that.

    Blessings have a great weekend .

  17. Oh my....*sigh* what a dreary day!!
    I hope this year will be full of
    health, happiness and rich blessings!!!

    With Much Love,

  18. Oh, sometimes though things we ask for do end up coming true, even in ways we never imagined. I hope you don't get sick this year and I pray the memories of your father are a blessing and consoling.

  19. I hope that this Memorial Day will be much, much better!

  20. Oh Lois, thank you for sharing so honestly. The Colonel is probably like my husband and thought that if you were busy it would be easier. You gotta love them.

    Blessing to you this Memorial Day!

    God is so Good!

  21. Hi Lois, I sure hope that you have a better day/ Of course you did not want all those people around, too bad you were stuck in bed. I cry everytime I read about your Dad. ...i have not been by in awhile. love the flowerbeds. hopefully that will help your back.
    Also being the best wife and mother, that is a huge job. you should be very proud! Take care my friend. HOPE the rest of the weekend is wonderful.


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