Happy Monday!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was wonderful here, busy as usual, but wonderful. The Colonel was home and we worked in the garden, AGAIN, on Saturday morning.

The long bed is where I plan on planting the pumpkin plants and the two front beds are going to have my different lettuce plants, green beans and sugar snap peas. In the "old" section, you can see our tomato stakes laying down. The wind was so fierce I was afraid the wind would blow them all over and break them up.

The garden is ready and waiting for plants!

But the weather must start to cooperate a little! It was overcast and misty on Saturday, but we still worked outside. And as everyone who deals with curly hair knows, that kind of weather is really not the best to be doing anything outside!

Sunday was a very cold and windy day. I had placed some of the lettuce plants, still in their pots, out in the garden on Saturday, but we had to take them in on Sunday...it was just too windy and cold for them to be outside. I had another tray of lettuce up on the back porch, but the wind took care of them!

They blew all over the back porch...

...and we were not able to save them.

I loved the raised beds in our new garden. The Colonel plans on making raised beds in the "old" section of the garden next year. He even surprised me with a little bench in the garden, to sit on and contemplate...very funny!

I love the bench.

We had a funeral at church to attend Saturday afternoon and I helped with the luncheon that we served to the family and close friends. I really enjoyed helping, but more importantly serving.

Last night was our Karate Service. It was a wonderful service. I played the piano and quite a few of the kids involved in karate either played an instrument or sang, Michael played his guitar and did quite well.

And then we had cake and coffee afterwards to celebrate our one year anniversary. What's an anniversary without cake???

Well I'm off to visit with all of my friends...YOU!!

My favorite part of the day is spending some time with each of you and learning about your days...Enjoy!


  1. I love the bench too!

    I understand about that kind of weather and curly hair! I straighten my hair, but on days like that - forget it!

    Have a great week!


  2. Hi Lois!! WOW!! Your garden is awesome!! I love the Colonel's attention to detail, and most of all that he knows he's doing something that pleases you!! What a blessing!! The bench is a thoughtful expression of his love for you and makes me smile!!

    We had an amazing weekend away, and spent one of our days on St. Simons. We had an awesome time. I will try to put a post together for tomorrow. Busy week here, too!!

    Blessings and love!!
    I so appreciate you!!

  3. And I'm definitely praying for the Colonel's knee!! Keep us posted!


  4. It sounds like your weather is as crazy as ours here! Our furnace came on this morning!

    This is such an interesting garden plan. I can't wait to see it later:)
    Your hubby has done a great job and I love the bench:)

    What a blessing your service is to others, Lois- and to the Lord!

    Have a great Monday:)


  5. Your garden is going to be beautiful. I love the bench. What a great idea and also sweet of the Colonel to do for you! Our weather is crazy here also. Forty degrees this morning! Come on Summer we are ready for you.

    Have a blessed week!

  6. So sorry about your lettuce starts, what a disappointment! Can't wait to see the garden all green and growing and hope the weather turns spring-y soon!

    Still praying for Phil's knee. We're chanting 'no surgery, no surgery...' Can you hear it?

  7. So sorry about your lettuce starts, what a disappointment! Can't wait to see the garden all green and growing and hope the weather turns spring-y soon!

    Still praying for Phil's knee. We're chanting 'no surgery, no surgery...' Can you hear it?

  8. Hello and Happy Monday to you too!
    I have always wanted to ask if your hair was naturally curly! :o) Mine is too and let me tell ya ... those humid days make for some interesting hair! :o)
    Your garden is coming along so nicely! I really like how you have the fencing going around it.
    Your weekend sounds eventful and fun! Those are great ones to have! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  9. sounds like a great weekend, I love the bench for you to ponder on :-) Its still chilly here too .

  10. How is the Colonels knee btw?

  11. Lois, you are going to have quite a garden! I'm impressed! We're quite the amateur gardeners, but we're going to try to grow some things (along with my dad's help)! :)

    Love that bench!

    Have a great week!

  12. I'm taking in all of my hanging plants tonight. The weatherman is saying a heavy frost tonight is possible. My sweet basil suffered a little in last nights cooler temps. Your garden is looking wonderful How nice to not have to kneel down to garden. Be sure to water more often on really hot days as raised beds tend to dry out faster. I had that problem with tomatoes and they got blossom end rot. Hope your hubby's knee is doing better. Hugs, Loretta

  13. Oh Man! That is a major garden! I can't wait to see your harvest. : )


  14. Happy Monday to you too!
    Your garden looks wonderful~I will pray your weather warms up. Ours has been so cool for Missouri. I pray ours warms up too~soon!

  15. How exciting!!! ;)
    WOW.... it looks fabulous!

    Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen