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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here we did okay. The Colonel was able to get home for a few short hours and then had to teach a class at his reserve unit on Saturday and is now in Texas where he will be training a unit down in Houston for the entire week.

He's promising to get home Saturday evening and then will have off for 3 days!
At least he'll be home for Mother's Day this year.
Last year he was out in California...

I worked on music most of the weekend. We had another rehearsal on Saturday and that went great. Then worship on Sunday went well also. I was nervous, but enjoyed myself...well that is if you consider sweating tremendously enjoyable!
Being up on the platform under the hot lights
can bring on the sweat!

This was not the first time I've played the piano in our church. Our pastor's wife plays every service. She is so good and she enjoys it.
I'm the "back up" piano player.
But last week our pastor and his wife resigned and will be taking another position in a different church. They leave at the end of June.

We had a candidate come yesterday morning and we voted on him last night and I'm happy to report that we have a new pastor! His wife does play the piano...but I think I'll be playing more than I have so life will be a little busier but that's okay!

I mentioned awhile ago that we are putting in a brand new stairway and work begins this week! Here's a picture of what's sitting in my garage...

These railings will be stained to match the rest of the molding in our house. The builder completely ignored my request to stain them and when I came back a week later they were polyurethaned. And it was a bad job...some railings were done, some weren't. This has been bothering us for over 5 years and we finally decided to change it.

I'll post pictures of how they look next week...that's if my contractor ever gets here! He said he'd be back this morning, but we all know how that goes!

Well I'm off to visit all my wonderful blogging friends!

And a few new ones as well!


  1. Sounds like there is a lot things going on at your home! Looking forward to seeing your new stairs!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. You guys certainly stay busy! Glad all is going well and can't wait to see the "after" pictures when all the work is done.

    I give you so much credit for playing the piano in church again. The music, to me, certainly is more challenging these days. I'm sure you sound great.

  3. Woah. Sounds like you've got a lot going on. I'm happy your husband is in my home state, although Houston isn't the greatest. Is he in the Navy? Is he a flight instructor?

    Thanks for taking my side *sniff*. I figure some animal activist will come along and chew us up for taking them home with us, but we couldn't. Plus, we didn't want them to give our pets diseases if they had them. *sigh*. I'm exhausted now. What a crazy day.

    I agree with you on manners. Our church trys to maintain polite behavior. When things get out of hand, the preacher or an elder will remind everyone to please be quiet, or to use the restroom before services, etc. Talking during a prayer is terrible. I would thump them on the head if they were sitting by me (like my mom used to do to us). LOL (not really...just kidding)

    Where in PN are you? My husband works a lot in Harrisburg. We love your state.

  4. Can I steal your little strawberry picture on the left? They are my favorite food, forever and always.

  5. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you got a new Pastor right away. That is a blessing! Have a great week...


  6. I'm sure your piano playing sounded wonderful. Sometimes we are our worst critic.

    How similar is this..... About a month ago, we accepted a new pastor into our church and Sunday was his first service with us. He and his family came to us from Iowa. Our last pastor served our church for over 30 years. Oh how I loved him and his wife. Hopefully I will come to love our new pastor and his family just as much.

    I can't wait to see the new stair case. I wish I had one in my house. Post pics as soon as you can.

    Have a blessed week.

  7. You are such a wonderful loving wife!! I am so glad that the Colonel will be home for Mother's Day!!

    I think we're going to try and escape on a romantic getaway!! My birthday is on the 16th so he can get two birds with one stone!! I can't decide between Pine Mountain or Jekyll Island GA Guess we'll have to see what the price comparison is!!

    I can just picture you with that lovely smile sitting in front of the congregation just a playin' and worshipping and bringing joy to everyone!! I know they must really appreciate you!!

    Hae a wonderful week, dear friend!!
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. How exciting to get a new staircase! I love any new thing that makes my home feel more like "me".

    What a blessing that you found a new pastor quickly!


  9. So glad that you have a new pastor so soon! It's hard in that in-between time on a church family.

    Maybe playing the piano more often at church will cut down on the sweating a little?:) What a blessing that you can step in and fill that place of service!:)

    Looking forward to seeing your new staircase!!

    Happy Monday!:)

    Linda C

  10. I already am planning on bringing my little fan the next Sunday I play. The drummer sweats tons...he has a fan as well. The ushers put the A/C on AFTER worship! Our little sanctuary is quite warm when filled with people!!!

  11. It's nice that you didn't have to wait long to get a new pastor. Hope you have a great week!

  12. I wish I knew how to play the piano. My brother took music lessons but I am not sure why my parents did not follow up with me? My husband took up the guitar last year and now I need ear plugs:)

  13. You are always busy and I hope your hubby gets home for mother's day.

    Love to see your project when it gets done.


  14. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, yes, I'm sure the "funk" will pass soon, lol! All those pieces of stairway railing look like fun, can't wait to see the finished railing:)

  15. Hi Lois,
    boy you all have a lot going on, but my dh always says"a busy person is a happy person". Lol It seems you all are having an easy transition with getting a new pastor. That is awesome. I am also glad that your dh is going to be home this week-end to spend this very special day with you.

    Now if you ever find the secret to getting people to come when they say they are please share with us, we have been waiting for a week for a guy to give us an estimate on a job here, What ?how long does it take to add and subtract? lol

  16. I can't wait to see your completed stairway. I bet it will look awesome. I give you so much credit. It must be hard when your husband is away. My husband worked afternoons when our children were little and I didn't like it at all. You are so blessed to be able to play the piano ♥ How wonderful! I hope you have a lovely day ♥

  17. Hate that your hubby is away again, but hope he has a good stay in TEXAS! Of course, Houston isn't as pretty as our neck of the woods.
    I know what you mean about sweating on the stage. I sing on our Praise team at church on occasion and i get so hot under those lights. Get that fan hooked up, Pronto!
    Can't wait to see your staircase completed!

  18. Can't wait to see the new stair case. I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

    Wow, you all were blessed to find a new pastor so soon. There are so many churches that go for a very long time without a pastor. I think that is hard on a congregation. Often times, the number in the church starts to twindle during that time. I'm happy you all found one so soon.

    I'm happy that your hubby will be with you on Mother's Day. It's nice to have our hubby's close by all the time and on those special occasions it is so much better.



  19. Happy Monday! What a project! I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

  20. wonderful on the new pastor , and glad to hear playing this weekend went well.

    Its good your hubby can be ome for mothers day, it makes it even more special for you.

    Hope your contractor shows up -yes I know all too well how that can go:-)

  21. Lois' Husband checking in...

    AllyJo, you flatter me. I'm just a ground-pounder. Fortunately, the army has seen fit to show me a little mercy as I begin to feel my age, and I am privilaged to serve as an instructor for BN and BDE staffs that are deploying overseas. Hence my frequent travel.

  22. thanks for your prayers girl. You have meant alot to me.

  23. Sweating for the Lord! I bet you have nothing to be nervous about. I bet you are great!

    Praising God for you having a new pastor. Praying for your transition. Also praying for the Colonel to be home safely by mothers day.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the staircase.

    Have a blessed week!


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