Do It Right...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When we built our house 5 years ago, I specifically told the builder to 
stain the railings to match the molding.  
When I came back a week later, he completely ignored me and just put a layer of polyurethane on them.  
I hated them.  
They weren't even connected properly.  
We've been wanting to fix this problem for years...
So instead of heading down to the beach this summer, 
the Colonel and I decided to tackle this eye sore.
Well, it's done...

All connected...

A beautiful entryway...

The view from the top...

So pretty!
It took a few weeks...the house was a mess...the garage was a mess...
But I'm so happy with the end result!  
I love our new stairway!  
Enjoy the pictures! 
 I'm going to get my beach chair out and sit it at the top of the stairs
 and just gaze at the beauty in my house!  


  1. Just beautiful...I love the star also.

  2. That's an awesome stairway! Love all your prim stuff too:) You know the old saying "if ya want something done it yourself", LOL!!!

  3. love what you did. the decorations are so cute. i love stars!

  4. Gorgeous....enjoy the view!! ;o)


  5. Oh Lois!! It looks lovely!! The way you feel is how I felt when I got my Mom's slate carving in my niche!! I just delighted looking at it over and over again!!

    I love the things you chose for the wall, too! The little grapevine window thingy is so pretty, and they all look great together!! Bask in the satisfaction of a job well done, and beauty in your home!! Aaahhh!!

    Have a glorious week, sweet friend,

  6. Hook me up with a chair and I will sit up there with you. I wish so bad we had built a 2 story home so I could have had a staircase like yours. You did a fantastic job and it looks beautiful.

  7. It looks beautiful! I also like your decorations on the walls.

  8. It is truly beautiful and you did a great job. I see why you want to sit and admire it.
    Love your wall decor also
    God bless.

  9. I love~love~love it. Your big wall inspired me. I have been waiting to do mine because I want it just right. Just not sure what to so. It is just beautiful!

  10. Your staircase and wall decor are so nice! I think you need to enjoy some sort of beachy treat as you enjoy looking things over--maybe a snow cone?

  11. You did a wonderful job! It really looks nice. I'm glad you are so happy with it!


  12. Oh, it's just beautiful! I love your wall decoratons too. Love, love, love barn stars!


  13. What a wonderful job you did! I love the decor around the stairs-looking up and your antique dresses downstairs. I think you should share more photos of your house-maybe you have but I'm new here and would love to see more.
    Blessings, Noreen

  14. Love it...looks so graceful and stately!

  15. Oh it just looks beautiful. I love the decorating too. You did a great job, no wonder your admiring it. Have a great day in your chair.

  16. Hi Lois,
    Great to be able to visit with you, I have so missed it.
    Now you and the colonel did a fantastic job. I just love the design of your staircase, beautiful just beautiful. Now go get that chair , sit and enjoy you deserve it. And if I lived near by I would get my chair and enjoy it with you.

  17. Love it. You guys are always working... You are so inspiring.


  18. very pretty. Yes sit and relax and enjoy the efforts of your labor:-)

  19. I first saw your beautiful new staircase on facebook this morning! So pretty!!

    I'd be sitting there admiring it too!

    Great pics!!

    Linda C

  20. How BEAUTIFUL!!! :)
    Love it, love it!!
    Your home is so warm, cozy
    and inviting!!! *hugs*

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  21. Oh it is beautiful! I think I'd camp out at the top for awhile to enjoy it!


  22. What a beautiful job Lois!! Isn't it great when you get something like this sorted, which you have had to wait for, for such a long time. It has definitely been worth the wait! Such a graceful and tasteful hallway!!

    Fiona x

  23. It looks so nice! Well worth the time and effort. Enjoy!

  24. What a beautiful stairway. I'll bet it looks gorgeous at Christmas when you decorate! My husband is a home builder and he would have redone it for you. What your builder did was wrong. You should have had him do it over. I'm glad you are happy with it now. You home looks lovely. Hugs, Loretta

  25. Everything looks really good!!! Now you can enjoy all the hard work!

  26. Your stairwell looks lovely. Isn't it wonderful to get something done that you have wanted to do for a long time?
    I read your blog about in praise of
    stay at home moms. It was great,
    I have been a stay at home mom for
    almost 32 years, and I have questioned many times especially when my nest was empty, but I can
    honestly say If I could do life over I would not change a thing.
    I truly believe this is God's calling for me, and I love anything to do with the home and family. It is a true blessing to be able to stay at home, and I believe the Lord really blesses that step of faith. I think the society we live in makes us feel like we are just people who aren't educated and can't do anything else
    but clean and cook, but God has
    greatly gifted each of us with all
    sorts of talents and resources that
    we can use to create a true home
    and haven for those we love.
    You go girl!! Proud of you, stay
    the course, you want regret it!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  27. You did a great job. The view from the top is my favorite. I like the star.

  28. Well it was worth missing a beach trip -- it looks beautiful. Your decorations are pretty, too!

  29. Good Job! They turned out great!