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Dirt, dirt, dirt...

We have dirt! I'm happy to report that the Colonel is spreading it in our new vegetable garden as I write this. I finished work for the day, got up real early to get my transcribing done and I plan on getting out there as soon as I'm done here.

I was reading a great blog this morning. She had the following posted and I found reading the answers so much fun, I'm "stealing" her idea. Please check out her blog, Chronicles of a Country Girl. I think you'll enjoy yourself!

Leave your answers in your comments! Come on, it's fun!

Fill in the blanks...

When I was young I could____________________.
In 1996 I was___________________________.
I can ____________________in two minutes flat.
__________________________makes me smile every time.

Read the comment section to find out my answers!
Enjoy your day!


  1. When I was young I could sit at the piano for hours playing classical music. In 1996 I was pregnant with Michael. I can make an egg omelet sandwich with sausage in 2 minutes. That's all I can think of and I did that this morning for the Colonel's breakfast. Hearing my children laugh makes me smile every time. Now it's your turn!

  2. lets see in 1996 Madeline my oldest was a year old, I can change a diaper in two minutes and I usually don;t have that much time:-)Seeing my kids smiling faces makes me smile everytime.

  3. oh yeah missed the first one, when I was young I would have remembered it in the first post:-) Seriously when I was younger, I could fish for hours on our pier.

  4. When I was young I could do a back handspring. In 1996 I was pregnant with Kacey. I can clean the kitchen in two minutes flat.(Challenge I had with the girls showing them that it didn't take that long to clean the kitchen. I won't say is was very clean when I finished but it looked good!) My family makes me smile everytime.

    I hope you have fun spreading dirt today!

  5. When I was a child I loved going to church and singing.

    In 1996~I was pregnant with Brian Caleb Ely.

    I can put my make- up on in 2 minutes fat when I have to!

    Seeing my Brian's face makes me smile every time! Spending time with my children and counting my blessings always makes me smile.

    Have fun in the dirt!

  6. Congrats on your garden being almost ready -- yeah!

    My new blog is off the ground. Stop by to visit and enter your name for my drawing.

    Hugs and love!

  7. When I was young I could play tennis and swim all day without ever becoming tired. In 1996 I spent most of my time in a place called 4W taking care of Ortho and Neuro patients. I can fold a load of laundry in two minutes flat. My children, grand children and great-grandchild can always make me smile.

  8. What a lovely idea for a post Lois!!

    - When I was young I could do a handstand!
    - In 1996 I was away from home for the first time, working in London.
    - I can change a nappy in 2 minutes flat!
    - My daughter's laugh makes me smile every time!

    Hope you are having a great week Lois, and that you are pain-free. Hope the Colonel is feeling better too!

    Fiona x

  9. I hope you had fun out in your new garden. That is one of my favorite things to do! I love gardening...and especially the things that come from it. Have a great evening.


  10. First I hope your husbands knee heals quickly and you had a nice Mom's day with the kids.
    When I was young I could twirl a baton and took lots of lessons.
    In 1996 I was living in Atlanta for the first time.
    I can make the bed up in 2 mins.
    Baking with flour makes me SMILE!

  11. When I was young I could sit down and get up without grunting. In 1966 I was only 10 years old and was very tiny for my age. I can go to sleep in two minutes flat. Seeing babies always makes me smile.

  12. When I was young I could eat a lot without gaining weight.
    In 1996 I was attending many dance competitions to watch my older daughter.
    I can start a debate in two minutes flat.
    Kissing my husband makes me smile every time.

  13. When I was young I could_roller skate to town and back___________________.
    In 1996 I was___32 years old________________________.
    I can ___stir up a cake mix_________________in two minutes flat.
    ___my grandbabies_______________________makes me smile every time

  14. When I was young I put clay in my nose and the Dr. had to remove it! In 1996 I was 38 years young; I can make my bed and get dressed in two minutes. And...GD Emily cracking herself up makes me smile every time!

    How's are you friend?? This was fun!! Can't wait to see your garden all done!! I know you're excited!! I'm going to have some finished project photos myself here in the next week or so!! YES!!!!

    Hugs 'n love,

  15. When I was young I could climb a fence. In 1996 I was at home caring for my two children-Katie then 3 and Nathan almost 1. I can fold a load of clothes in two minutes flat. My children laughing together makes me smile every time.
    This is fun! :o)
    Enjoy your dirt! I love digging in the dirt too! :o)
    Thank you for sharing about your dad. This year has been a rough one at times, but I think the toughest is not being able to contact my dad. In less than a second I think I want to call him and remember just as quickly, that I can't.
    I had a wonderful birthday with my family and have such good memories to cling to!! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  16. How awesome...a veggie garden! What are you planting?
    I didnt know your hubby was at Fort Dix, what is he doing there? Are you active duty? I can't seem to remember!

  17. Oh my.... this is fun! :)

    When I was young I could sing ALL
    day long. In 1996 I was a little five year old.... totally in love with Disney Princesses! I can make an egg and cheese scramble in 2 minutes. Seeing little baby kittens always makes me smile.

    Hope you are having a great day, Lois!

    Love & Hugs,

  18. Yeah dirt!!! Can't wait to see the garden.

    When I was young; I rearranged my bedroom about once a month.

    In 1996, I started graduate school.

    In 2 minutes; I can clean up any room, except my son's. One word, Disaster.

    What makes me smile; my house being clean, except my son's room.


  19. When I was young I had boundless energy and could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. In 1996, I was working full time and hoping for another child. I can unload the dishwasher in 2 minutes. Reading blogs like this one makes me smile☺

    Thanks for the smiles and fun!


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