Better Late Than Never...

Thursday, May 14, 2009's been a bit busy around here lately.  The Colonel went back to Ft. Dix yesterday.  We had a great 2 days off.  He worked very hard on our garden, but it's still not complete.  We didn't put any plants in the ground because there's still the possibility of frost a few nights this week. 

The Colonel decided to make the new vegetable bed with raised beds!  That should help tremendously with my back.  While he worked on laying out the raised beds...

 ...I worked on a flower bed in front of the garden.  

I thought I would just use some of the many rocks that we have in our yard and make a border fencing in the flowers.  The Colonel kept watching me build this "border fence" and finally couldn't handle it anymore.  

He had to show me how to do it properly and of course he was right...

It looks so much better!

I planted 4 packages of zinnia seeds and 1 package of marigold seeds in this new bed.  They should provide some really pretty flowers all summer long and hopefully with the fence around the garden, help keep the many rabbits we have living in our back yard out of the garden!  

I'm not working this hard growing vegetables for their meals!  

Here's what the raised beds look like so far...


  1. Your garden looks great! Wish I lived nearby so you could share your bounty!
    We opted not to plant a garden (we sometimes do a very small one) this year. I plan to tackle it again next spring though.
    Happy growing!

  2. I wish you great luck with your garden. I have several raised beds with herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, etc. in them. We will be planting our big garden with peas and such later, but I really enjoy working in the smaller one. The raised beds make it so much easier.

  3. So much hard work but it is going to be just wonderful and will last for years and years. the flower beds will be beautiful and give you beauty outside but also lots of flowers to cut and take inside.

    Coming along nicely!

  4. I have not gotten any plants put in yet either. I am also going to try the marigolds around my garden this year for the bunnies we have.
    Have a great day
    God bless

  5. Wow Lois! Your garden is beautiful. I'm sending a link to today's post to Steve to give him some ideas. And your flower bed is lovely too (I think you were doing a fine job!). Can't wait to see pics of everything growing.

    Love how you said the Col. had a great two days 'off!' Obviously his knee must be feeling better, but I'm thinking he might have been glad to get back to the Fort for a few days!


  6. Great idea for a design to keep the bunnies out!

    I can't wait to see your flowers when they bloom!

    Linda C

  7. Lookin' good! I love the rock around the flower bed!

    Keep us posted on the progress!


  8. Your raised beds look wonderful! I hope my garden does well. Happy Gardening!

  9. Lois,
    I am in awe!!! :<)
    Your garden is marvelous!!
    So orderly and beautiful!
    Many Blessings!!!

    Love & Hugs,

  10. Progress... lookin' good!! I love zinnias and marigolds. Pretty much carefree. They're staples in our old wagon out front every year. Love the pictures ~ raised beds are the way to go! :)

  11. I can't wait to watch your garden grown. It looks awesome. Thank goodness for husband who build us pretty things.

  12. I am excited for you and can not wait to see the results of your hard work. Makes me want to get out and try to do something new myself.

  13. Those raised beds look terrific. I can't wait until you harvest all your flowers and veggies at the end of the summer.

  14. Just found you and stopped by. Don't you hate it when they're right?! I hope you'll show us the zinnias and marigold later in the summer!

  15. This looks great! I will be helping my parents plant in a week or so. Usually wait till after May 15th to guarantee no more frost. I don't do any planting, at least in my gardens. I hope to do more planting in my scrapbooks and maybe get a head start on some Christmas gifts!

  16. It looks like you're going to have an amazing garden! The flowers will be a beautiful touch with all of that color. Zinneas are so bright and beautiful! Have a restful weekend. Hugs, Loretta

  17. those raised beds look really nice, we have lots of bunnies and turtles and everything else that helps itself to our garden too.

    Your rock border turned outlovely, I am sure the flowers will be pretty, marigolds are suppose to deter animals from your garen so I have heard not surehow true this is.

    Looks like hubbys knee is doing better good to see, infections can be scary.

  18. Zinnias are my favorite flower. I can't wait to see yours in bloom. Raised beds are nice. You will soon be enjoying your garden big time.

    You asked where we are moving. Florida would be the answer to that.

  19. The garden looks amazing! I can't wait to see the plants and the veggies you produce. The flower bed in front looks so nice. You are so organized.

    Have a blessed week and keep us updated with pic's.