Scripture Saturday...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Psalms 118:24
"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."
I will rejoice...that our septic is now working.
I will rejoice...that we had the $1,500 saved, for something else...but we had it.
I will rejoice...Michael ate half a cheeseburger last night.
I will rejoice...the Colonel is home.
I will rejoice...God is so good to me!
Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Thank you for the post. You have a wonderful week end!

  2. AMEN!
    I will rejoice...that I have my health.
    I will rejoice...because I have a wonderful hubby!
    I will rejoice...because I have Godly blog friends who keep me remembering His promises and truths!

  3. So true! Have a blessed, wonderful day!


  4. Praise the Lord for answered prayer and continued healing.

  5. Indeed God is good!!! ;)
    Blessed Saturday to you, Lois!
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful
    Bible verse. Now... I am off to attend that Christian Women's Conference entitled "Following God With All Your Heart".... I think it should be good. ;)

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  6. Thankyou for reminding me of what I need to rejoice. I hope your son is feeling better. what a scare for you though. anytime I am under the weather i want chicken noodle soup and Mom!

  7. Great post.

    I will rejoice... that I have my health, my wonderful family and friends like you.


  8. wonderful things to rejoice over, it is good tollok for htose joys even in the most desparing of moments, they are always there- though somemdays it takes some real looking to find them.

    we had a septic tank for years and Iknow how it can get when it doesn;t work, gld yours is fixed and yay on having the extra cash to pay for it, gossh hadn o idea they where that costly.

    Enjoy the weekend:-)

  9. Hi Sunshine!! Glad to hear your praises!!

    I am rejoicing with you, and so very thankful that the God of the universe has us as His top priority!!

    Have a HAPPEE SUNDAY!!
    Love and hugs,

  10. Wonderful blessings! So glad to hear all about it!!

    Happy weekend:)


  11. You have the BEST attitude! You are a blessing to "know!"

  12. I will rejoice that the electricity went out and I was able to catch up on some reading. I will rejoice that I did not have to cook! I will rejoice in the Praise and support of writers like you! I will rejoice just because...

  13. I will rejoice!! Amen! What an uplifting post! We should all do this!
    Have a blessed week!