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It's Been Awhile...

It's been awhile since I posted a great quote, so here goes...

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work
and give to those who would not."
Thomas Jefferson

Any comments? Please leave them, I'm interested in what you all think of the above quote and the way our government is being run these days.
Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. This is so true! We need to wake up and pray! It is a sad day in America.

  2. "I'm interested in what you all think of the above quote and the way our government is being run these days. "

    Since you asked.....I was shocked at the president's request for the CEO of GM to step down. Since when does the president of the US have such power to do so? I also didn't think it was right to give GM (and the others) so much bailout money.

    Here's an interesting thought: Since I'm financed thru GMAC at 0% for my car, they could have given dh and I the money to pay off the $12,000 remaining on our car loan and helped GM in the process. Stimulus money that would have helped our family and GM all at the same time, right? Do this with the free and barely-there interest rates of the people with GMAC loans, so they'd still have some interest income from the higher-interest loans. With GMAC being a subsidiary of GM, that would have helped them as well, correct?

    I don't like the way this country is headed at all. I know G*d allowed *bama to be in this position for a reason. As quickly as O rose to power and seems to be the "golden boy", I've been thinking the last couple of years that he may be the antichrist. Just sayin'......

    Down off my soapbox.....

    The best thing we can all do is pray.

  3. Love this quote! Not sure that I agree with anything that is going on in the government these days but I know that God has a plan and I must be patient.

    How about some stimulus money for all of us moms. I think we could get the economy going. Just a tought...

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Lois,
    I am just stopping by to say Hi, and check up on what you have been doing. I haven't posted lately too because I have been busy feathering my nest.

    Now have you got all day for me to give my thoughts on what is going wrong with this country? lol Seriously though this is a wonderful and true quote. The only thing that is going to save this nation is the prayer of repentance, turning from our wicked ways, and giving ourselves totally to God and his service and start forgetting about ourselves.
    Thank you for having the holy boldness to put this before us.
    I know you are very proud of Olivia, Tell her for me to keep on speaking for our Lord and to keep using the talents that He has given her, we need more of God's jewels to sparkle for Him in in this dark sinful world!!!
    I am so sorry for the mishap with your camera, I know how important our camera are to us bloggers. But God can to anything!!!

  5. I agree with everything that Heidi said. And hey I like HER idea for a stimulus package!

    It is obvious that Obama, Nancy, and Harry are in full agreement- full steam ahead- to "make a fair playing field" (doesn't that sound like they are being so nice?) meanwhile destroying the underpinnings of what our economy and capitalism are based on.

    The agenda worries me.

    But I am also praying and letting God work this out for good. He knows all about it:)

    Linda C

  6. SUPERB.... ;)
    I SO agree with Jefferson!
    Thank you for sharing such an
    EXCELLENT quote!!!!

    Hugs & Blessings,



  8. Lois~

    Wonderful quote!

    It is sad that things are not that way today! We need to all pray,pray and pray some more!


  9. Oh my! I hesitate to share my opinion (which is truly rare) because I feel so strongly. I am not happy with the current state of affairs, leadership or Nancy Pelosi. Oh dear...see, there I go.


  10. I totally agree with you! This is the so true! I wonder why people don't realize this. And it comes from the wisdom of our forefathers!

    This is a subject I could talk about all night....our country needs to repent and TURN around! It seems like the moral folks get punished and unmoral ones rewarded. That's total opposite of God's plan for us...and that's where America is headed.

    I'm praying and it's reassuring for me to see the folks here that are doing the same!

    I appreciate your boldness too!


  11. Hi Lois!
    I can see that you and I would get along just fine. Let's just say, I'm not at all surprised that things have turned out like this. Together we can! ..."What? is what I've always asked ...sink?" Let's hope not.
    Take care! -Michelle

  12. Great quote. Oh, the wisdom of our leaders from long ago . . .

    This is a hot button issue with me. I can't really think about it too much or I get mad all over again!

    Our government is setting this once great country up for failure. There is no incentive for working hard and taking care of yourself.

    Our hope lies in Christ and not these "leaders". I do pray that they will wake up and see the LIGHT, but if they don't God is still in control!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  13. EXCELLENT quote and very accurate! We're heading into a capitalistic america, and Im not looking forward to thier "hope and changes!"
    btw, once the oval office hits up all the perks of the military, people will be looking for ways out, then we'll have a draft re-enacted. Thats just my thoughts on the way things are headed. I heard the leader has mentioned making the military pay for insurance possibly in the future.

  14. this is so true! and, sadly, i believe we are going to see more and more of this in our country in the days ahead. prayer! Obama! prayer! it's our responsibility as Christians to pray for our leaders. great quote!

  15. What a powerful quote!
    The mentality in the quote is crippling. Not only does it put a huge burden on those "paying the way" for those who won't but it also handicaps those that are "collecting" the funds that they have not worked for. I am so thankful that I have a love for self satisfaction ... stay with me. There is nothing more rewarding than doing a job well and being compensated. Even if it is not financial (ie; homemaker, yard work, volunteer, etc). Work is actually a gift from the Lord!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  16. You go girl. I love your post and the comments that people have responded too. This country is in such a downward spiral. I've never felt fear for our country until the past few months. Our country needs to go back to what we were founded on..God! We have moved so far away from God and we need to go back to One Nation Under God.



  17. I'm just thankful my hope is in Christ and not on any man or any nation. :-) As long as I remember that, I can keep everything else in perspective. I try not to worry or get too upset about what's out of my control.


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