Happy Monday!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful weekend! It finally warmed up here in PA...only a little too much! It was way too hot yesterday, in the 90's. I was not prepared for that but we should be back down to normal temps by the end of this week.

The Colonel was home and finished the garden, well, almost. We still need to order dirt and put the little walkways in dividing everything up neatly. I worked on transplanting some seeds from little pots to bigger pots.

AND I planted 3 trays of marigold seeds. Don't worry, I covered the seeds!

I hope they start to sprout! This will save me tons of money if they do. I love marigolds and they work perfectly here in this windy section of PA. It's been such a trial and error of what will grow out here and what won't! The wind dries things out so quickly some flowers just never take.

I really should take a picture of my bedroom...BECAUSE that's where everything is growing!

And back by popular demand...the Colonel made homemade pizza Saturday evening. Michael decided to get in on the action!

Rolling out the dough...

Looking good...

Dinner is ready!

The Colonel woke up Sunday morning with an awful cough and fever so he missed church yesterday. He needs to fly out this coming weekend to Texas so he's heading to the doctor once he gets down to Ft. Dix this morning.

I'm off to see what you all have been up to this weekend...my favorite part of the day! Enjoy!


  1. Right back atcha, Lois!! Looks like fun in the kitchen for the guys and sounds like your garden is coming along nicely!! How fun!!

    I'm sorry to hear the Colonel isn't feeling well. I will pray for him today!!

    Hope all is well with you!!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Hi Lois, I had to laugh when you said your seedlings are in your bedroom. I have them scattered through the house. I must say the cat has gotten into a couple of them. We had snow again yesterday...so the hot weather does sound appealing. Best wishes to you and the Colonel. Hope he is well soon.

  3. Yummmm....that pizza looks wonderful!!

    Hope the Colonel is feeling better soon.

    Have a wonderdul day!

  4. Yum~I am coming over for lunch. I visited Lancaster and love it there. I come to visit the Amish every chance I get!

  5. Those kinds of pizza's are the best ones! I am planting things just like you. My Hubby has been complaining, because I have been spending more time with my plants instead of the housework. Oh Well, I say, housework can wait, but plants are a delicate thing! HA! Thanks for you comment on my blog. Stop back by! Have a great week.

  6. Hi Lois,
    That pizza sure looks great and you had two wonderful chefs preparing it, how blessed!! Your gardening looks as though it is coming along beautifully.

    Look for the seed real soon.
    I plan to send an e-mail , but haven't yet. I wanted to put a card in the mail with the seed but couldn't find a box to fit, so I just settled for the tiny box, besides dh was rushing me to get to the p.o. before it closed.I will try to email soon.
    Hope your dear sweet one feels better soon.

  7. Yum- those pizzas look great!! And all the better that your guys fixed them:)

    Good luck with all your plants. I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to put out some money for some already blooming plants this year. Graduation party on June 13- with our later growing season up here.

    Happy Monday to you too!


  8. Nothing better than homemade pizza!

    Those marigolds are strong little flowers! They should hold up nicely!


  9. I love that the boys made dinner. And we would all love to see the seedlings. I have no idea where I should grow seedlings because of the same reason. Can't wait to see your garden.


  10. That pizza looks yummy! I hope the colonel is feeling better soon. It was warm here over the weekend. It was nice to get outside.

  11. Oh, those pizzas look SO GOOD!! I can see that you are getting me back for posting that chocolate cake recipe last week. LOL!

  12. I adore Pizza. I could eat it 24/7. I never get tired of eating it. I use to wash it down with a diet cola but have not had a diet soda in 4 months now. I gave it up to see if I could and now I sleep better. I honestly could NEVER give up my Pizza. I posted a Pizza recipe a few weeks back but it looks just like your pizza:) I hope your husband feels better soon.

  13. That pizza looks pretty fantastic Lois! Glad to see Michael looking so healthy and ready to tuck in too! Thank you as always for the lovely, kind words you left me today - just a touch of the 'poor-me's' but I'm working on it! :)

    Hope the Colonel is feeling better soon and love to you all for the week ahead.

    Fiona x

  14. I am looking forward to watching your seedlings grow!

    Hope the Colonel is feeling better.

  15. Happy Monday, Lois!!! :)
    Looks like you have been having
    a blast over at your house!!!
    That pizza looks soooooooo scrumptious! Blessings!!

    Love & Hugs,
    Miss Jen

  16. The pizza looks so good!!! When your husband is at Ft Dix, he is about 35 minutes from our home! We have many families attend our church who are based there. Does he recognize the name Tim MacGregor? Hope he feels better soon!

  17. Yummy pizza pics! Do you do homemade or store-bought crusts?

  18. Praying that your Hubby recovers quickly. Hope your marigolds thrive. There are a lot of flowers we had in GA that don't do well in Indiana. You don't see as many dogwoods and azaleas or crepe myrtles here. I am glad that the message from F. Frangipane was meaningful. I am still learning to apply those truths in my own life.