Happy Monday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Or, as my friend Becky likes to say, "Joyful Monday." Today I chose to ignore that I am sick and be joyful! Well, I think I'm going to lay on the couch for a bit and try to be joyful that I work from home and can control my schedule!

How was your weekend? We had a great one considering I went to bed Saturday evening not feeling good. Made it to Sunday School but came home afterwards and collapsed on the couch.

I had to take our daughter Olivia to church on Saturday morning...she had to be there by 7:00 AM! But I didn't mind getting up early, she was competing in the Fine Arts for the youth in our group of churches.

She actually wrote a short sermon, Opa would be so proud!

A bunch of the youth were performing...singing, human video, etc. They were gone all day and I'm happy to report all of them, including Olivia, made it to the district level. Very happy and proud!

The Colonel and I went to my favorite country store in the afternoon, after a trip to Best Buy for my son to spend some of his birthday money. I hadn't been "shopping" since Christmas and thought it would be nice to just look. But sometimes you just can't look, right? I had seen this sampler a few months ago with one of my favorite quotes on it and it was still there on Saturday...so I am now the proud owner of it! Here's a picture...
Well that's about all that's going on here. I know I'll have some transcribing to do, along with running the kids to their music lessons, tons of laundry, taking Michael to karate, catching up on my blogging friends and...oh yeah, sipping some hot tea and nursing this awful head cold! Enjoy!


  1. oo..sorry to hear abt that flu..

    she really did write a sermon? How cool can that be!!

  2. Oh, I just love what you bought. I have the perfect place for it here,,LOL One of my collections is anything that has stars on it, (and I'm not even American,lol).
    Hubby has been in bed with a very bad virus/cold. Praying your day will be strengthened and filled with energy to go about your day. ((hugs))

  3. Hi Sweet Friend, So sorry to hear you're under the weather. Don't do too much. I'm so amazed that I haven't gotten sick again yet. I'll pray for a rapid return to full health and energy for you.

    You know, Lois, every time I see a photo of your Dad, I cry just like I knew him well. I guess it's out of my compassion for you, and knowing how you're feeling.

    Of course I love your sampler and the sentiment it conveys!!

    YAY for Olivia, and YAY for a loving, committed Mom and wife named Lois!!

    May God touch and heal your body today,

  4. Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather...I have been there myself all weekend (mine was a stomach bug...argh!)
    Love the picture.
    Have a blessed day...and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Off to work I go.

  5. Hope you're feeling better! I love your sampler you found! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

  6. What a cute sampler. I love what it says...so true. Hope you are feeling better soon!


  7. Oh I am sorry you are sick. We actually had some wonderful weather on Sat. and I worked in the yard a little.

    I bet you are proud of your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful girl. Feel better and get well soon.


  8. So sorry you are under the weather! We'll be praying for you too. Great news about Olivia! Your Dad would be beaming!!! Hang in there and take care of yourself

  9. Sorry your not feeling well...may you feel better soon!

    Love the sampler!

  10. Hi Lois, happy Monday to you as well. I'm sorry you are ill. I pray you feel better soon! Congrats to your daughter and the youth group, that's great! And yes, just take it easy, enjoy the tea and get some rest; that'll help get you back on your feet sooner! You're a blessing to me; I always enjoy your posts!

    ps. Love your new sampler!

  11. I hope you feel better soon. It's terrible when you want to do things and are dragging. Love the Lincoln quote.
    Feel better!!

  12. Love the sampler--it is so special!

    Hope you are feeling better soon☺

  13. What exciting news about Olivia....I can just see your Dad's beaming face! and your Mom must be thrilled. I'm so happy for all of you. It's so wonderful to be in the arms of the Lord. There is no other way. Hope you are feeling better.

  14. Dearest Lois - I hope you are feeling better soon - and that in the meantime you are taking good care of yourself! You must be so delighted for Olivia - she sounds like one amazing little girl! Hope you are going gently even though you have that list to work through - be sure to be kind to yourself!


    PS I totally love your sampler - it is so beautiful, may it bring you many years of pleasure!!

  15. Hope your cold is getting better!

    The recipe in the post below looks wonderful!

  16. Hello Lois,
    Sorry you are not feeling well, But I am glad that you had some free time this past week end.Loved the picture, I like to have scripture or inspiring messages in my home, always lifts my spirit. Rest and take care of your cold. I know you are so proud of Olivia.

  17. Hope you feel better!!!

    Just A Gal...

  18. thanks for following my blog :O)

    i hope you're feeling better soon. sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy once you're up and around - lol! sounds like my family. have a great week. alice

  19. Lois,
    I hope and pray that you will feel much better!!! Thank you for sharing your heart. ;)

    Love & Blessings,
    Miss Jen

    Be sure to check out my blog for a special "give away" :)

  20. Congrats to the kids on doing so well!!!

    I love the sampler. That is enough to make people smile today.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Everyone I know here in Tennessee has been sick at least once this year but most of them more than once. I am so ready for summer and no germs. I will be praying for you and for your family.

    Have a blessed week!

  21. I love the plaque! Hope your feeling better!