Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, especially Saturday, Valentine's Day. The Colonel and I had a wonderful time at our church's Sweetheart's Banquet. It was so nice to sit and enjoy the evening without worrying about ANYTHING! I can get use to that!

The Colonel has a four day weekend and was home on Friday. We spent the day running errands. We were able to finally get the last two light fixtures switched out in our house. The dinning room now has a beautiful wheat fixture that I just adore and the entry hallway has a new fixture as well. Goodbye 80's brass!

Here's a picture of the Colonel making the switch with the hallway fixture. As you can see it's a two story entry and he had to spread a ladder across the railings...and then climb on top of the ladder and work! It was quite scary looking! I had to promise him that, "Yes, I love this fixture" and "No, I will not make you change it in five years!" What a man!

I love this new fixture!

We went for lunch at our favorite place...Panera Bread! I love their lunches. Then a little more shopping, mostly for our son Michael who is turning 12 on Wednesday! We are having a party for him today. He's invited a few of his school friends over for a day of just playing and pizza, of course!

I spent yesterday making some cute candy wrappers to wrap around Hershey Bars for the boys to take home as a goodie. I think they're a little too old for goodie bags but thought a candy bar would be nice. The Colonel helped cut and Michael and him wrapped the bars up while I made dinner. They were very easy to make on the computer. I actually used this candy bar wrapper idea a few years ago for a function at our church. Only then I had to wrap 150 bars!!

Enjoy your day...I'll be back tomorrow with a very funny video!


  1. My girlfriend (HisLivingSacrifice) put up a video on her YouTube channel that shows her hubby doing the exact same thing as your hubby..LOL. the ladder was positioned the same way too, lol.

    blessed Monday sweetie.

  2. What a creative takeaway for your son's birthday!! Very clever!! Of course I'm stumped with boys any way!! We have four girls!! I have four brothers and one sister, and I can still remember some of how they are!

    I LOVE your new wheat fixture...so pretty...I have a 90's brass builder's fixture in my dining room and foyer that will soon disappear!

    Kudos to the colonel!! Bet he loved you snapping his pic for your blog, too!! LOL
    Joyful blessings, friend!!

  3. That is a gorgeous fixture. And what a brave hubby you have! That ladder thing is scary!

    I love the chocolate bar idea. You are never too old for chocolate!

  4. Love the fixtures and Phil looks like a superhero up on that ladder!

    Have a great week~

  5. What a man! What a great husband! I can't get on a ladder like that now but even if I could--I wouldn't. What a man. I know you appreciate him. Tell your son I wish him a Happy Birthday on Wednesday. Have a great week.

  6. Hi Lois. Happy Monday to you as well! Happy Birthday to Michael. Love the candy wrapper idea, you're so crafty! (in a good way!) ha. I hope he has a terrific time with his friends.
    Oh, and the pic. of your hubby on the ladder took my breath! Not sure if I could have watched! But, I love your new lights.
    Enjoy your day! Thanks for lighting up my life!!!

  7. I gasped when I saw the Colonel up there. I hate heights. The end result was beautiful. Isn't it amazing the difference a light fixture makes.

    The candy bar idea is great. I don't think anyone can ever have enough chocolate. Tell Michael Happy 12th. Kacey turned 12 this year and so far its been great!

    Enjoy your week!





  9. Eeek! Look at him up there on that ladder!

    Love the new fixture!

  10. wow... I can barely look at the picture of your husband way up there on that skinny ladder... he even has a smile on his face! He is fearless!

  11. OMG you live in my dream town.
    So nice to meet you. Your hubby really scared me when I saw him on the ladder. Glad he is safe.

  12. Wow - the Colonel really does love his girl!! That is some high climb to do!! I have to say I agree it is worth it, your fittings are so lovely. And that is such a great idea with the chocolate bars - I had never seen Hershey's bars til I went to the US with work a few years ago and some gave me a bar of 'kisses' to bring home! Such a sweet idea for chocolates! Hope you have a great week Lois - love and blessings to you all, especially the birthday boy!!

    Fiona x

  13. Wow you have some followers here!!! I love the wheat chandlier, we looked at that one too, when we changed over our entrance fixture.... I remember it well, and then we went to Home Depot and got the other one. Love the idea with the Hershey bar, I will use that for Becca's b.d...Maybe even Davey's this year. I dislike those goodie bags, all the junk goes in the garbage. OK, all is well here, Davey is fine, thank the Lord! I will post about that soon, when I have TIME! We bought new furniture for Becca's room yesterday...it's coming today. OK, talk to you later. Your sister

  14. Oh my, you had better love that light fixture. That man is brave, you don't need me to tell you that.