Attains, Fear of the Lord and Fruit Bearing...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today is our last day of adding pearls to our strand of necklace. Today we are looking at the pearls Attains, Fear of the Lord and Fruit Bearing found in the final verses in Proverbs 31.

“Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.”

Attains…we need to distinguish ourselves as being the best wife and mother! Let’s not be mediocre! Let’s go the extra mile!

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.”

Fear of the Lord…we all know youth is temporary. We are first and foremost a spiritual being who loves the Lord with all our heart. We want to please God with our every breath. We use the gifts He has given us for His glory. We know that our inner beauty comes from our deep relationship with the Lord. When the Lord is given the honor of our hearts, His glory will shine all over us!

“Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.”

Fruit Bearing…the gates of heaven will one day be opened to each believing woman. Our main goal in life is to one day be standing before our Lord and Savior with our husbands and children by our sides hearing, “Well done thou good and faithful Servant.” The only thing we can bring with us to heaven are our loved ones and those we reach for the Lord, everything else is temporary.

A Godly, virtuous life will one day be honored.
How long will your necklace be when you stand before the Lord? Will you be holding a single pearl, a bracelet or a necklace? I hope to be standing before my Lord one day with a necklace full of pearls…join me!


  1. Oh Lois, what you have writeen today just really touched my heart, and made tears well up in my eyes. I desire nothing more than to be found faithful, and to be the best I can be where ever God places me.

    I am so delighted that I found you in blogland, and that even if we never meet here, we will meet in God's presence!! How awesome will that be?

    I don't even remember how I found you, but I do remember thinking...aawww, she has sunshine in her blog title too...I need to check it out. You are definitely "sunshine" in this bloggy world!!

    Thank you so much for putting together this series for us. I have been truly blessed!
    Joyful blessings,

  2. This was so beautiful!! It's so awesome to think that one day all of our efforts and all the little things we do for our family will be recognized by the Lord. Thanks again for putting together this series!!


  4. I enjoyed your study very much! Looked forward to reading it each day! Good job Lois! I know you have blessed many hearts. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Beautiful verses you shared. Have a wonderful week!!

  6. What a cool idea with the pearls! I wonder how I can turn this into something for my daughter when she is a teenager...

  7. I have really loved reading everything you have posted over the last few days Lois. It has been a joy and a blessing to my life, and I am sure to many other people. I really look forward to seeing what inspires you to post next - finding your blog has been as uplifting as it has been challenging, as I try to absorb this message to my heart and strive to put it into action.

    Blessings to you - because you are a blessing to me.


  8. Thank you for your sweet comment Lois - Amelie (Baby Kay) is my life and heart and I am so glad other people see her sweetness too. I have also added you to my roll, and am so very glad our paths have crossed!


  9. Just checking back to make sure you are all cheered up!! :o)

    If you ever want to "chat" you can email me anytime at

    Sleep tight!! My Wednesday post is probably going to be a little later in the day. I don't have time tonight and I'm having breakfast with a friend tomorrow!! Thanks again for your series! :o)

  10. i need to go back and read all of these; you write and "teach" beautifully. Thanks for sharing, and for coming by my blog!!!


  11. What a beautiful ending to a truly beautiful study!
    I praise the Lord for your ministry to me and other ladies in the way of godliness!! I appreciated the practical advise you gave for each verse...thank you!!

    Love in Christ,
    Miss Jen

  12. Thanks for leading me to these studies. When I have more time I will come and sit at our Lord's feet and glean from them. ((hugs)) Oh how I desire to be a Proverbs 31 Woman. I LOVE her,,I thank God for her example

  13. we need to distinguish ourselves as being the best wife and mother! Let’s not be mediocre! Let’s go the extra mile! Amen amen amen !! No longer chosing second best but God’s best. No longer being selfish, demanding, harsh, rude and withholding love. No longer viewing being a homemaker as the world sees it, but as God sees it. I LOVE making my house a home, blessing my husband and children, honouring them, serving them with a gentle calm spirit and heart..I repeat, GENTLE AND CALM spirit. I have cried out to God, ‘please Lord, give me a gentle, calm heart’. I used to be SO LOUD. There is a time and place to be loud, but not 24/7!!

    We want to please God with our every breath. Amen amen amen!! This is my greatest desire and I praise God that He has filled me with that desire. Makes me want to cry.
    When the Lord is given the honor of our hearts, His glory will shine all over us! I am nothing without Him. With Him, I shine as a wife, mother, daycare provider, friend, and above all things, His daugther..It’s all Him!!

    As Christ Jesus increases in us, we do decrease!! Everything and anything that is NOT of God’s in this temple that we are and the closer we walk with Christ, the weaker those strongholds, bondages and sin become!!

    Ok, I'm done...AWESOME..thank you so much. I'm off to take a shower now after doing my cleaning. My hubby is making dinner for all of us,,yahoooo. God is SO good. God bless and thank you so much for following the Lord's leading to do this wonderful study.!!