Happy Birthday...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Sweet Wonderful OLIVIA! 16 years ago we received a wonderful surprise...Olivia decided she could no longer wait till the middle of February to be born...she wanted to meet her mom and dad a little bit early, six weeks to be exact. She was six pounds at birth...quite big for being so early and only had to stay in the hospital an extra three days after I was released. A very hard three days! We had nothing ready for her! I thought I had all the time in the world to purchase whatever I did not receive at the baby shower...that was scheduled for the weekend she was born!

Here she is with her brother at age 5...

We had a "surprise party" for her Sunday night after Youth Meeting. She really was surprised and quite happy. Here she is with a few of her friends...

Her Oma...made cupcakes for the party!

Here she is with her Opa, she loved him so much...and she was the light of his world!
Happy Birthday my Livie Girl...WE LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Aaaw! Happy Birthday, Olivia!!
    What cute pics, Lois.

    I have been missing my Mom quite a bit, and just want you to know that you often pop into my thoughts, and I pray for you!

    Sunshiney blessings of comfort and joy to you and yours,

  2. Happy Birthday Olivia!!! By the way, I love that the grandparents are called Oma and Opa just like in Germany. My family lived in a hotel in Germany when we first moved there (I was still in the belly) and an elderly couple owned it. They became like an Oma and Opa to us, so that's what we called them.

  3. Happy birthday to your girl.


  4. Hi..thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Happy Birthday to your daughter. BTW, is that a beautiful Dooney purse you received for Christmas? Lucky you. I love Dooneys, as my hubby will attest to!

  5. Yes it is! Love my Dooney, especially the pink inside! Thanks for noticing!

  6. This is soooo sweet! Happy Birthday to Olivia ;) I forgot that she shares her birthday with my son's...he turnes 6 today (@ 4:59AM). Great day for the both of us!! 16 is a big number :) And 6 reminds me of how he's just starting his school life...girls...playdates...girls...LOL
    Hope she has a great one!

  7. Happy Birthday Olivia. The picture of her and Michael when she was five is exactly how I remember them. I see pictures of them now and somehow it just doen't compute! I love the pictures with your parents...your dad especially. What a perfect shot. Enjoy spending your day thankful for your precious 16 year old gift!

  8. Happy Birthday to our Olivia! I remember that day so well. We were all so excited...the first grandchild/niece in the family. Olivia was my special little buddy when she was a little girl...she would tag along with me when Becca (then infant) and I went to the beach (every day I might add). She would come over our house and just "hang out" with us, she was such a pleasure in our home! And we really enjoyed her company.... I remember all those "perfect" and wonderful days many, many years ago. I especially remember the "booby doll" especially! Happy Birthday Olivia...we love you! Aunt IZZIE!

  9. Remember when she would ask me to call you on the phone so she could talk to you and then say to you, "Hi Aunt Izzie, I'm holding the boobie doll!" That was so funny and yes she still has that boobie doll!

  10. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful girl. My little girl was three weeks late in arriving. I was convinced that she would never be born. I was so ready for her to get here. She is 48 years old now. Boy does the time fly.

  11. Great photos and happy birthday to your daughter! Especially sweet pictures with her grandparents:)

    Where does the time go?...

    Linda C