A Surprise for Me!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay, I'm chatting with my friend Vanessa on Facebook the other day and she asks for my address. I gladly give it to her then realize, wait a minute...I really don't KNOW Vanessa. I mean, she use to work for the same company that I currently work for and we've chatted on the phone for about 3 years. We both had a good laugh over the fact that she's not a serial killer and that she's not going to show up on my doorstep with her luggage one day.

On Monday the package arrives:
When we reconnected on Facebook, I found out that she now works for Fox News and she saw that I joined the Sean Hannity fan group, so she sent me an autographed picture of him. It says, "To Lois, A Great American." And he spelled my name right!

I laughed so hard when I opened the picture. It was one of the nicest things some one's done for me, who really only knows me through the computer, in a long time. Thanks Vanessa! Hope your day is a good one...you sure brought a smile to mine!


  1. That's a great story.. very thoughtful of Vanessa!

  2. Wow Lois! You sent goosebumps on up my arms :) That was sweet of you to write. I'm glad that you liked it. Maybe one day I can make him go to your home and cook dinner! LOL Now if only I can get Christian Bale to show up at my home! hahaha

  3. I must confess I'd take Christian Bale over Mr. Hannity, Lois, but I agree that was an incredibly sweet thing of Vanessa to do.

    It reminds me of something a friend of mine did for me back in college, although it wasn't as "sweet". We had a running joke about Robert Goulet (too long to tell here), and my friend wrote to Robert Goulet and told him that he had a friend who was a hard-core fan, and had fallen on some hard times and would love a memento from "Mr. G". Well, Mr G sent me a 9x11 gloss signed "stay strong" on the back! I felt *terrible* and could have just about killed my friend, who thought he was being hilarious, but duped poor Mr. G out of an autographed picture.

  4. Wow, I know how much you "adore" that guy! Did you show Mom? Are you going to frame it and hang it in your Library? I sure would....was a delight! Now, all you need is one from "Rush".....HA!

  5. Awwww that was so sweet! Hey Vanessa, do you know Brad Pitt? (wink, wink)

  6. Wow! What a great surprise. I love Sean Hannity. How wonderful to have this autographed picture.

  7. Leaped back from 2013. =D

    Sean Hannity is a sweet man and I'm glad that he spelled your name correctly. (We've been listening to Sean for years.)