My Weekend...

Monday, December 8, 2008

How was your weekend? Here at the Christensen household it was pretty good...even if the Colonel couldn't get away. I spent a good part of Saturday running errands, finishing up some decorating at church...the nice part was that Michael came with me! Maybe it was because we had to get his hair cut and then I bribed him with a lunch at Burger King, but still it was nice to have some company.

Sunday was church, of course, and Olivia had her Youth Group Christmas Party so she was staying at church all day, so that left just Michael and I again so...yup, we went through the Burger King drive thru AGAIN!

I then proceeded to spend the entire afternoon on the couch watching the most funniest show called Parking Wars. They were doing a marathon of it on A&E. If you've never seen this show, I highly recommend it. I spent most of the afternoon laughing my head off, at the expense of other people I might add.

It was just quite funny to see how some people truly live their lives...getting parking ticket after parking ticket and then getting "mad" at the city of Philadelphia for towing their car for not paying all these parking tickets and how unfair it was that they were being singled received 6 tickets in 6 months and still haven't paid for them! It really opened my eyes!

I promise to pay any parking ticket I receive in the future...really...hey, wait a minute the last time I had a parking ticket was about 20 years ago, thank God! But, really I promise to pay any future ones because I definitely do not want to be on camera complaining to the world about how the "system" is treating me!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Never got one in my lifetime! Or any other kind of ticket!

  2. Thankfully only a parking ticket...well I did get that one speeding ticket at Ft. Totten where I was going 8 miles in a 5 mile speed zone! Oh, and I was going down hill at the time the Military Police pulled me over. Fun!

  3. Liz has never gotten a ticket? Is it because she's pulled "the wife of an officer" card?

    I was actually towed by the city of Philadelphia once. Parked in a not after 3 pm spot and forgot! Yeah, that was bad...

  4. Wow..too bad that show wasn't around then! Maybe we would have seen your lovely face trying to get your car out of the pound!

  5. I got a parking ticket the first time I stayed overnight at my sister and Glen's home in New Jersey. There was supposedly some sign that said you couldn't park on the street between 11 pm and 6 am.

    I will definitely check out this Parking Wars show.. sounds funny

  6. I got pulled over the other night, for of all things...NO TAG LIGHT!! Really, how am I suppose to know that I don't have a tag light?? Is it just us or do you all do these regular inspections of your cars' brake lights, etc...??? Well, I ended up with a citation for not having proof of insurance!! I took it out of my car to show it for my 19 yo daughter, and hadn't put it back yet!! When I show it this week, I'll only have to pay $10 instead of the $90 for not having it. WHEW!! Plus it doesn't count against my record. I mean, after all, my license does say right on it that I'm a safe driver!! Don't want to lose that status! My hubby would have a ball with that
    one!! :o Parking wars sounds hilarious, but I haven't seen it yet!!

    Wow, my hats off to Liz with NO tickets, ever!!
    Blessings, Becky