What Is That Noise?

Friday, November 21, 2008

About two weeks ago I'm watching TV, the house is empty...EMPTY. It's a Sunday evening and everyone except for me went to church. I'm enjoying a relaxing evening, looking forward to The Amazing Race...when I hear something.

It sounds like a humming or soft buzzing sound. I get up off the couch...did I tell you how relaxed I was...I go to where the Colonel has his laptop and see if maybe he forgot to turn it off and that's the noise I hear. No. I walk around the downstairs searching for the source of the noise. NOTHING.

Did I mention to you that noises like that ANNOY ME??? I can hear a car engine running two blocks away! And, of course, I know that when the Colonel gets home, he will be no help, noises like that just don't seem to bother him. About 45 minutes later, everyone comes home, I'm still trying to ignore the annoying humming sound when Michael comes and sits down with me on the couch, reaches over and turns off the lamp on the table next to the couch and says, "That noise was bothering me." The lamp! It was the lamp that was making that horrible noise...but not just the lamp...the light bulb!

The Colonel has been switching all our light bulbs around to the new "energy saving" ones. Can I tell you how much I do not like these light bulbs? You turn on a light and the room is dim...and we put 100 watt in most of our lights. If you wait long enough, the room will eventually brighten up, but you have to WAIT.

I remember the last time we went to Lancaster, PA for Mother's Day weekend. We went with my sister's family. Well, the hotel we were staying in had just recently changed all of their light bulbs over to these new "energy saving" ones. My sister complained and complained about the darkness in her room and how you could barely see anything. I had to agree with her, the rooms were quite dark, even with all the lamps on! Well she wasn't going to spend her Mother's Day in a dark room. She called down to the front desk and they actually brought her another lamp to put in her room! Way to go Liz!

So here I am...in a house with new "energy saving" light bulbs and all I hear are the humming, buzzing noises they make. I'm sure this is not what Thomas Edison had in mind when he invented the first light bulb. I read recently that regular light bulbs will no longer be available for purchase in another 10 years or so! So what do you think I'm doing this weekend besides getting ready for Thanksgiving...heading out to Lowes or wherever and purchasing a bunch of the good old fashioned light bulbs that you don't hear...and they actually do what they're suppose to do...light your room!

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  1. Very Cute - I do like the new layout of your blog! I remember that day so well....even the extra lamp didn't do the trick! We have those light bulbs here, too. Do you know if you break one, you have to call the "Hazmat" control to come and clean it up???? It's ok, 2 of ours broke, and without knowing we had to clean them up....we are still ok....I think! Maybe that explains it all.....