A Very Special Birthday...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't often mention the Colonel's parents in my blog and that's because both have gone on to heaven many years ago. Actually I never met Phil's mom, she passed away a few short months before Phil and I reconnected and started dating. I was able to meet his dad but never truly got close to him, he was sort of a reserved person and he passed away when Olivia was just a baby.

But the man is very close to us in many ways even though he is now gone. You see, our Olivia reminds my husband so much of his father. They both share a sense of humor that is lost on some people...very dry and to the point. Olivia is very intelligent and often very quiet, as Phil's father was, but once you get to talk with Olivia you'll see what a wonderful, intelligent and funny person she is...just like Phil's father.

I sometimes wonder how my husband can bear the fact that both of his parents left this world when he was still so young, only 20 with his mother and just 29 with his father. I know the grief that I carry for my father and I had him for over 40 years in my life. To lose both your parents at such an early age is beyond my comprehension. Neither of them got to see their youngest son achieve the rank of Lt. Colonel in the army...I am sure they would have been as proud of him as I am.

My husband often says that when times are tough for our family he is able to find strength in the example that his father showed him all throughout his life...a strength that is carried on through his son and now through his granddaughter and even Michael who carries his grandfather's name.

So today is Gerald Christensen's birthday, I'm sure he's enjoying a wonderful celebration in heaven with his wife Sylvia and now my father who is letting Gerald know what a wonderful husband and father his youngest son turned out to be, thanks to his great example. Happy Birthday Dad!

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