Thursday, November 20, 2008

I do LOVE Thanksgiving, really, but it seems like the preparation involved is overwhelming me! I spent yesterday taking apart the dinning room, I know, you're all thinking WHY?? Well, I was just going to DUST but decided that all the china and pretty display pieces had to be washed. I'm glad I did it because everything looks so pretty now.

I had tons of stuff to do for the Missionette group I teach, a cake to bake and tons of laundry and before I knew it, Olivia was home reminding me that we had to be back at her school by 3:50 for the first parent/teacher conference...and I'm in sweatpants and a t-shirt...and the school is 30 minutes away! We made it on time and I'm very happy to report she is doing very well in all her classes. I didn't get to meet with her Graphic Arts teacher; none of the special class teachers were available for conferences.

Coming home was so tricky. I've only been to this school once before and I never get lost...if I've been somewhere once I'm very good at remembering the directions. Well to get to the school you have to go through Penn Forest, it is so dense and destitute up there. I missed the turn off the main road coming home, but realized it after we drove pass a church, I did not remember passing a church before and I always remember churches...part of my growing up...if you read my post last week about my father checking out A/G churches while we were on vacation, you'll understand why whenever we pass a church while out driving, I take notice.

It's around 5:00 and getting dark but even darker driving through Penn Forest and I miss the slight turn that takes me down to my house and went the opposite way to the lake, but not too far from our home. Just drove me silly to make two wrong turns in ONE day, when I hardly ever do that!

Today I spent the day shopping at Sam's Club and then over to Kohls for some great bargains on presents for the kids and a few family members...Liz, you're going to love your birthday present! Yes, I know it's in February, but I couldn't resist getting it today!

Michael came home from school with a fever and sore throat, so it's back to the doctor tomorrow. I think he's going to have to have his tonsils out like his sister did around the same age. Poor fellow, he's miserable and will probably miss the Thanksgiving dance at school tomorrow like he missed the Halloween one last month.

A friend just sent me a yummy sounding recipe for corn souffle on Facebook. And then another friend commented that she makes it every year! I think I'm going to try it and not make the vegetable casserole after all. I really need to get to work on the menu for next week...just seems life is going at full speed and I would love for it to slow down just a little for the next few weeks. I'd really love to enjoy the holidays this year and not be so rushed.

I promise to get the Thanksgiving place cards done within a day or two and post them so you can all maybe get an idea about incorporating them onto your table next Thursday. It's a wonderful way for all of us to be reminded of how great our God truly is and how every blessing we have comes from above. I will remind myself to take a few minutes and be thankful for the wonderful father I had and concentrate on the many blessings the Lord has given me. He will definitely be missed at our table this year, but I'm sure he'll be watching from above!

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  1. Yes, I make a great corn casserole, but it's more like a delicious spoon you want ME to make the veggie casserole? Do you want me to make anything else to help you out? Let me know.