I've Been Tagged!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay, this has never happened to me, but I've been tagged! Sue tagged me this morning to go into my picture file, fourth folder, fourth picture and here it is...

Wow, what a scary image! That's my Michael in the middle of darkness! That was back in 2005 at the Halloween Parade for school. You're suppose to NOT wear scary costumes and as you can see only the Christensen family abides by those rules.

Anyway, Michael is a knight in this picture. The Colonel made him the shield and his big sister painted the dragon on it. Michael enjoyed being a knight so much that he was a knight the following two years as well! This costume has really come in handy. He's worn it twice in church plays as a soldier guarding Jesus' tomb and he's worn it the past 3 years to our church Harvest Party where the kids are allowed to dress up as a character from the Bible. This year he went as one of the soldiers who gave King David water...can't remember his name, but Michael did from a Sunday School lesson and taught me something new!

Okay, I'm suppose to tag four people and really I think the only one who will do this is my sister...and Sue used the other two people. Anyway, head over to Liz and see if she posts her picture.

Now I really must get back to my list...see post below if you're confused!


  1. Tag what on earth does that mean? I don't have time for this!!! I'll try and work on it later..don't you know I'm a mother of 2 with a busy life, I don't have time to be tagge!!!! I have my hubby home today, and we're trying to start our very busy day, getting a new garage door opener put in, then I have to run to church, then to shoprite, then to school to carpool Becca and her 7, yes I said 7 friends to their after school activity, and I have to be there by 1:30pm....then I have to come home and continue being a mom, with a very busy life...then I have to help my hubby, we bought new shelves to reorganize our garage...you will be so proud dear Sister when our garage is done...we got shelf racks and we're talking down all the shelves that my hubby made, hopefully it will be well organized to YOUR LIKING!!! But I don't have time to do a "Tag", and don't have time to tag anyone else....I will do it later, when my little boy is sleeping, hopefully, he's been waking up like 6 times during the night you know, from his cough...it's been rough over here...but I will try to answer your tag! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!