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Monday, November 17, 2008

Did you notice that I have 2 followers for my blog? If you look over in the left hand column, a little bit down, you'll see who my followers are. Wouldn't you love to be a follower also?

Sometimes in church when the pastor is greeting all the first time visitors, he wants so desperately for them to fill out the first time visitor card. He even makes a promise not to show up on their doorstep! We've all been there, thinking, if I give them my address, will they come and visit me unannounced? I promise that if you become a follower of my blog, I will not show up on your doorstep! Just kidding, I really don't get out much.

It's not hard to do, just click on "Follow this blog" and you're in! You can even remain anonymous...or put your picture up and show the world who you are! I love being a follower of a few's fun, it shows the writer of the blog that you like what they're doing and it's easy!

So take a minute and join the blog, you'll be glad you did...better yet, you'll make my day! Thanks!

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  1. Hi!! Hope you're having a good day. I added myself as a follower since I am visiting regularly. I'm busy doing laundry, working on decorations for a pregnancy center fundraising banquet, and all the other daily stuff, too. We leave on Friday, and we are going to stay at a hotel, but nothing fancy. On the way back we may stay overnight at my sister's. She's in north Florida, and I look so forward to seeing her. We camp together a couple of times a year and have a blast. Well, I won't write a book!! Take care, and know I'm praying for you and your family.
    May God bless you with strength in your inner person,