Show and Tell Friday...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite blue Ball glass canning jars. What started out as 2 has grown into 38! I had two from my grandmother and my brother-in-law found some in a house he purchased many years ago and gave them to me. The rest I have purchased at garage sales and a few on E-bay, never paying more than $10, which was for the very big one. I love that one. They sit on top of the cabinets in my kitchen and are quite a chore to get in place, but the end result is very nice.

I had to take them down last week for my hubby to paint the ceiling in the kitchen, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to take a few pictures of them and share them with everyone. Hope you enjoyed the visit...thanks for stopping by!

All clean and ready to go back in place...

They look so pretty against the golden walls...

This is just two areas of my cabinets, I also have them over the stove and on top of my hutch in the kitchen...


  1. Very pretty. I have some, but not as many as you. I always love to take down the stuff above my cabinets once a year and make them all shiney again!

  2. I love those! I collect them too *U* I put wheat to grind or popcorn in them, cornmeal, etc. and bits of ribbon around their necks and sit them on the kitchen counters, all ready to look pretty and be useful! Kindered hearts, my dear!

  3. What a great collection! I don't have any of these jars but I noticed some really pretty ones on several blogs. I might have to get a few myself! I love the blue color! It would be sweet to use as a vase for a few buds too I bet.

    Happy Halloween!


  4. Beautiful collection! They look great on top of the cabinets especially with the chickens, Jean

  5. This sounds like something my mom would have done. Even the storage over the top of the cabinets and such remind me of her. Great memories! Thanks for sharing :).

    Please feel free to visit my blog anytime.

  6. Oh, I love those too! I have quite a few of them which belonged to my mother-in-law. I use some of them to store things, like mini marshmallows for hot chocolate, sweetener, etc. You have some very nice large jars. Lucky you!

  7. Just! I keep looking for some at the resale store, but no luck yet. :0)