Am I Crazy or What?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Okay, so my friend Sue had an interesting post the other day. She actually took pictures of what different areas of her house looked like. She said you couldn't "tidy up." WELL...I'm sorry, but I took pictures of what I did yesterday, grocery shopping, and I always straighten up before going.

BUT you can ask my sister, my cabinets and refrigerator look pretty much like this all the time. I didn't really touch the refrigerator or the pantry, except to throw away some old lettuce and a tupperware of sauce. Usually I wipe down the refrigerator before going shopping but neglected to do it this time.

I love to be neat and organized. When I go into some one's home I'm always thinking of how they could be more organized. I've even attempted to help a few people, but once the work is done, they go back to their old ways and it makes me sad that they don't get the same joy out of organizing as I do! So I've learned to keep my mouth shut...sometimes!

I love my refrigerator. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll remember that we purchased this refrigerator back at the beginning of July. The old one is out in the garage, still getting used! I'm very organized even here, especially my freezer. I keep all my meats individually wrapped and labeled. Sick, I know, but it works for me. This is only the bottom drawer of the freezer, I didn't think you could handle the excitement of the top drawer as well...that's the drawer that has the automatic ice true love, just kidding (LIZ).

I actually have two pantries...the little one is right in the kitchen and on the door are things the kids have drawn over the years in school and, the school lunch menu for the month. If you look closely, you can see where Michael has circled his selections for the month. He's allowed to pick one day a week to buy lunch and when he brings home the new calendar sits and plans out which days he's buying. It's a very serious procedure. Olivia buys every day and has been since high school...she wouldn't be caught DEAD bringing a bag lunch to school...what was I thinking even suggesting it???

So this is what I did today, went grocery shopping. I know my life is so exciting! Thanks for taking the time to see a bit of what's behind closed doors here at the Christensen household. I'm going to take pictures of the one room I spend most of my time in every day over the weekend...and no it's not the bathroom putting make up on! Come back in a few days to see!


  1. Martha would be so PROUD!!!!! Your Sister...aka..the messy one

  2. I came by for S&T but this post caught my eye. Your freezer is so organized! I have a freezer too but it's no where as nice looking as yours. My daughter is 16 and I make her lunch everyday. The lines to buy lunch are so long that she'd only have a few minutes to eat if bought.


  3. Wow! you are organized. come fix mine

  4. Just how I expected it would be :)!

  5. Sometimes I think maybe I should mess things up to feel normal.