Saying Goodbye...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Today I'm off to Lake Wallkill to say goodbye to my parent's house. My mom finally sold the house that she and my father had since 1987. And while I'm happy the financial burden this house was on my mom for the past few months will be gone, I can't help but feel sad that I will never get to go into this house again.

My father loved Lake Wallkill. Phil and I purchased our first home here. I still love that little house up on Highpoint Road. This is where we brought home our two babies from the hospital. We spent so many happy hours down at the lake, walking around the lake, playing at the playground, but more importantly stopping in to see Oma and Opa daily.

One of my happiest memories took place during this time, fall...leaves. There were so many leaves to rake up in Northern New Jersey. I have a beautiful picture of my Olivia sitting in the middle of a pile of leaves. It seems life was much simpler back then, not so much rushing around. Where has the time gone? It seems one day they're barely walking and the next minute they're rushing out the door to catch the school bus.

My father was the one who wanted to move here close to my family, it's almost as if he knew he wouldn't be around much longer. I knew he was sad to leave Lake Wallkill and I knew he was really moving so my mom wouldn't have to move alone. So today will be a sad day for me, say a little prayer for me...I sure could use the peace of God to be with me.

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