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Friday, September 12, 2008

If you know me by now, you know how much I enjoy organizing and keeping things neat and orderly. If you were reading my blog back in June and saw our garage "makeover," you know how most everything in my house has a place.

Well I decided this morning to tackle our closet. I have been blessed to finally have a closet to hold all our clothes in...yes, that's right, I no longer have to switch my clothes around each season. I know some people still have to do this, my sister Liz for one, and I truly do feel your pain!

In our first house we had such tiny closets. I think back sometimes to how did I ever manage? But then I remember the constant packing up of seasonal clothes into storage boxes and putting them under the bed in our daughter Olivia's room.

I know that sounds weird, but, the house had these built in beds in her room that if you lift up the mattress there was all this storage underneath. I could not believe how many boxes of clothes I could fit under just one bed...and there were two in this room! So underneath the other bed went all the clothes that my sister-in-law gave me for Olivia to grow into.

Anyway, back to this morning...I decided our closet needed a good cleaning out. I had clothes in there that I hadn't worn in 5 years, so out they went. I looked over at my husband's clothes and realized he really doesn't have much, so I better leave them alone!

I then went to tackle the guest room closet. Remember, I said I've been blessed with closets in this house! That closet holds all our luggage neatly in one corner on the floor. The top shelf is filled with storage boxes of quilts, blankets and old baby clothes that I cannot bear to get rid of.

But hanging in this closet is, or should I say WAS, my husbands collection of Army uniforms. He probably had about a dozen uniforms of desert style and the old Army green uniforms. Plus half a dozen green dress shirts, his dress blue uniform, but NOT his dress green uniform. I need to check with him to see where that uniform is!

Anyway, I decided to pack all these uniforms up, except the dress blues into storage bins and put them downstairs in our storage room off the basement. They were taking up sooooo much room and he hasn't worn them in ages, well the desert ones were worn when he was in Iraq two years ago. But still, did I really need these uniforms taking up space?

I remember when we were first married he came into our marriage with about 10 uniform PANTS, not tops, just pants. We moved these pants around to three different apartments and three different houses, almost 18 years of marriage and he never wore them. He kept saying he would wear them for projects around the house, but then I would nicely remind him that he already HAD Army pants in a dresser drawer that he used for projects!

I just kept packing them up and moving them with us. Finally about 2 years ago, I had enough of these pants. I threw them out...only to realize later at our church's flea market how much I could have sold these pants for! A friend told me that I could have sold them for probably $10 EACH. Oh well...lesson learned...I'm not throwing out these uniforms just storing them in a much better place...the basement!

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  1. I've been in that cleaning, clearing out mood, too! It's not spring cleaning I suppose, it's almost-autumn organizing!

    I have my sights set on a few closets this weekend!