You Are Invited to a Martha Stewart Tea Party...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, my mom and I both received invitations to attend a Martha Stewart Tea Party at our local Macy's yesterday. We were so excited. Do you think Martha will be there? No, she wasn't...but someone who works with Martha every day was there and discussed the table settings, etc.

We were told to dress in our "high tea fashions" if we wanted to. I chose a skirt that I could wear without pantyhose! Mom chose her black pants so she could wear her comfy shoes. They had the tea set up at the front of Macy's by the entrance to the mall. There were tables with pretty tablecloths and china for us to have our sandwiches on and drink our tea from.

We chose a table and then two other ladies came and joined us. They were really nice and excited as well. We were served salmon sandwiches, chicken salad, a fancy BLT and then a few cookies...which were FABULOUS. We each had 3 sandwiches and 3 cookies, a big splurge, but it was nice. We were served a different tea with the sandwiches and another sweet tea for the cookies. Very nice.

There was a lady there who runs a local tea party business and she spoke on different ideas for teas. I think she was a bit boring. And she spent way too much time with people from the audience talking about the teas they do. As my husband would say, "Everyone wants to be a star."

We even were given gift bags! You can see what we came home with in the above picture. A very pretty Wedgwood tea cup and saucer from Martha's new collection of china at Macy's, the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living and a pretty bag filled with a few different tea bags to sample. I added the invitation to the picture as well.

All in all a very nice time. I think my mom really enjoyed herself! In the fall, the guy from What Not To Wear is coming...we hope to go to that as well...only not to get picked out of the audience for any changes!



  1. Looks like Mom is really enjoying her new life with you guys...good thing she moved out there, I don't think she would like doing things with us. We do things like the "Land of Make Believe", or "Paws & Claws", or the "Fair". All kid related stuff...anyway, wouldn't it be funny if Clinton picked you out? I don't think you need a makeover....

  2. We're hoping to go to the fair here on Saturday. Haven't told the kids yet in case it's rained out. I think if mom was back in Lake Wallkill it would be very depressing for her...memories and all. Saw Beth's blog on your site and visited it today...very nice. Oh...told Uncle Titus about our blogs also. He tried to comment mine but couldn't. I told him he needs to get a screen name and then can leave comments...

  3. Yes, I agree with you about Mom. Atleast you're keeping her busy with doing things. She is probably having such a nice time doing all these things she hasn't done in a very long time. It's sad with Dad gone, but now Mom can have her "life" back...if you know what I mean. Would be nice if Uncle Titus would read our blogs.....and leave comments...Tracy never does...if she had a blog I would read it almost every day, just to keep in touch...oh!

  4. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, we went to OUR Fair today. It was very nice. Becca is still there, as we speak. She's with our good friends from church, and she's sleeping over their house tonight. She's so happy to be riding the rids with friends. And not with her boring Mother! Davey loved it too. Bye

  5. Lois' Husband checking in. You and Mom look great. Can't say the same for the frau in the blue dress behind you two. Few thing make this man cringe like back fat.