Wordless Wednesday...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well this Wordless Wednesday is going to packed with words. I cannot tell you how sad I was yesterday...lonely...longing for my dad...just filled with sorrow. We came home from the cemetery and there was so much to do...dinner, homework...work for me and then thinking that I had to pick out a hymn for today's post. I was so weary I ACTUALLY thought of not doing one this week!

I grabbed the hymn book and just opened it up to the following hymn. I do not think I have ever sang this hymn which made the words all the more powerful to me. You see, just as the title says...Jesus Understands...HE does. I do not know why the Lord took my father home in such a tragic way, but I do believe that His ways are best. My mother and I were talking about this on the way up to the cemetery yesterday.

We know how much we meant to my father, especially his grandchildren, and for my father to continue to live with his failing mind would have been a slow agonizing death. BUT he died knowing all of us. Telling us he loved us. Thanking God for his wonderful wife. KNOWING US...I cannot stress the comfort that gives me. The sorrow is still there, the pain is still there, but Jesus understands everything.

Jesus Understands

Bowed beneath your burden, is there none to share?
Weary with the journey, is there none to care?
Courage, way worn traveler, heed your Lord's commands,
There is a thought to cheer you, Jesus understands.

Every heavy burden He will gladly share,
Are you sad and weary? Jesus has a care;
Well He knows the pathway over life's burning sands,
Do not doubt or question, Jesus understands.

Though temptation meet you, Jesus can sustain,
Life has vexing problems which He can explain,
Serve Him where He sends you though in distant lands,
Do not doubt or question, Jesus understands.

Weary heart, He calls you, "Come to me and rest,"
Does the path grow rugged, yet His way is best
Leave the unknown future in the Master's hands,
Whether sad or joyful, Jesus understands.

Yes, He understands, All His ways are best,
Here He calls to you, "Come to me and rest."
Leave the unknown future in the Master's hands,
Whether sad or joyful, Jesus Understands.

Can you believe this is the hymn I turned to yesterday? So appropriate, so beautiful, so wonderful that my Lord does understand my sorrow. Are you going through something as well that you think no one understands your hurt or pain? Oh, dear friend, if you would only look to Jesus for comfort...for only He truly understands all things.

Remember, if you have a favorite hymn and would like to see it posted here in the coming weeks, just leave me a comment with the name of the hymn! Enjoy your day!


  1. We are thinking of you and your family. Holidays, birthdays and other important milestones will be difficult, but God's amazing love and comfort will help during those times. We love you all!

  2. Thanks Beth, I know you understand and my dad celebrated with your mom this year!

  3. Yep, dear sis it's been hard missing daddy so much. Don't know if the pain will ever go away.