Who Didn't Put Away the Hose...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Okay, so today Olivia goes out to mow our lawn and Oma's lawn. Mowing Oma's lawn was uneventful...moving our lawn was...well, let's just say...eventful.

When we left for vacation I conveniently pulled the garden hose over to the vegetable garden making it easier for my mom to water the vegetables. We hardly ever do this because I'm afraid of what could happen...or rather what happened today as Olivia began mowing our lawn.

Yes, I'm sure you've figured it out by now that she ran over the garden hose. When I was weeding in the garden yesterday I noticed the hose. It was quite hidden by the grass...green grass...green garden hose. I said to myself, "Self, you need to wind up that hose before Olivia mows the grass tomorrow" and then continued to weed forgetting all about the garden hose until Olivia came in today and informed me that she just ran over the garden hose.

The two of us tried to move the mower...we tried to pull the garden hose out...nothing worked. It was stuck. Thankfully the Colonel was coming home later. So I informed him on the phone what happened. After inquiring if anyone was hurt, he asked, "Didn't she see it?" I tried to explain to him...green grass..green garden hose. My explanation was completely lost on him so...I did what any other smart wife would do...told him it was all my fault, I was so into weeding I completely forgot to wind it up, etc.

So, enjoy the pictures of the Colonel coming to the rescue yet again here at the Christensen home. We're so glad we keep him around! Later...

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  1. Can't believe Phil, sorry, I mean the Colonel, was smiling while fixing the mower! We all know what David would be doing! HA!