Uncle Titus...

Friday, August 15, 2008

My mother's only living brother is Titus, who moved to California many years ago. In fact, I have not seen him since I was about 18, I think. He's the one with the moustache in the above picture and the second from the left in the older picture of my mom and her brothers.

Anyway, I have kept in touch with him through e-mail these past few years, something I've enjoyed! I mentioned to him last week about my blog and also my sister's and my brother's.

So, I'd like to welcome my Uncle Titus as one of my regular readers. He e-mailed me last week telling me he enjoyed my Wordless Wednesday entry on What a Friend We Have in Jesus. He told me how that was my mother and his father's favorite hymn as well. And that after my grandfather suffered his stroke he would lay in the hospital bed humming the tune to that old hymn.

Seems more and more of us enjoy that hymn. I can understand why. The Lord doesn't just want to be some far removed God from us. Someone that we need to be so fearful of. He wants to be our Friend. And what a friend He will be to us if only we let Him.



  1. I just love it! Thank you! Now I'll send my children to your site and prove I was once taller than someone.

  2. Lois that's so cool! I have that same picture of them as kids framed but I really love the picture from - when? the '70's? When you talked about the song "What a Friend I have in Jesus" I had to smile because Dad's been singing that song to us since we were kids, I know it well. He especially liked to sing it loud and in public with lots of people around, mortifying for teenagers! That and "At the Cross", which comes with a story about how they changed the words and sang it and Grandma heard them and was not happy! Dad has some great stories about misbehaving as kids (usually just him). Do you remember a story about Dad and Uncle Frank maybe, hiding in the basement of the church with their cousin Patrick and playing an old organ while church was gong on upstairs? You have to get him to tell it, I'll bet it makes your mom smile.

  3. Hey, so nice to hear from you Heidi! Mom doesn't really talk too much about her childhood, so, I've never heard that story! Glad you enjoyed the pictures and the entry...talk soon!