Take Me Out to The Ball Game...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This past Saturday the two men in my life went to see a baseball game at the local minor league stadium in Allentown. They went as part of the men's group at our church for a father/son outing. Although, they had extra tickets and were calling around to see if wives and daughters wanted to come as well.

They saw the minor league Scranton Yankees play the Allentown Iron Pigs. Michael wasn't too thrilled at first to go, he's more into wrestling. But ended up having a great time. Phil said he loved it and that both of them want to go back and see another game. The best part of the game was the price of the tickets. I heard that Mets' tickets are going to sell for $495 a seat in the new stadium...these tickets were only $9.00 each! And parking was only $3.00.

For Michael he enjoyed the concession stand...the prices were actually reasonable and he was able to get a huge red "Hulk fist" to hold sodas from here to eternity.

Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Drinking in my son’s joy is enough to convince me to make this a night out at least 2 or 3 times next summer. Michael decided to return his foam finger but kept his red fist. I didn’t think they we going let him do it, but they did.

    I let him go to the concession stand and the bathroom on his own. This was a difficult one for me, given the crowd and all child abduction that goes on, but as he is turning 12 next year, and I need to start letting him go in little ways. If I don’t start gradually doing this now, his mother and I will be hiding in the trunk of his car when he goes off to college.

    In praise of some decent people. I really enjoyed the going out as a group. In particular, I really enjoyed the company of John and Frieda Turner. Throughout the evening, we bantered and traded jokes and quips. John brought a baseball scorecard spiral notebook and tracked the game inning by inning, batter by batter. As one who keeps an analog journal, I have an appreciation for any kind of record keeping, so I found this be cool. Taylor Moyer and Samantha Rodriguez gave him a hard time about it, and of course that was all the opening I needed. I said John was at a level beyond our comprehension and everybody just shut up. You always take a chance with humor like that, but Joe Travado and Gary Moyer (Taylor’s dad) just burst out laughing. Guess you just had to be there. I’m not sure if Nelson Rodriguez (Sam’s dad) thought it was too funny, but since he didn’t clean my clock I’m calling this one a wash. Truth be told, I think he was a bit distracted with his responsibilities as our “Scout Leader” to pay attention.

    Speaking of Nelson, we all owe him a great deal of thanks for organizing the night out. Some people just take the initiative and as one of the leaders in the church fellowship, Nelson is one of these guys that just steps up time and time again.

    John and Frieda had their two daughters with them and there was some seat shuffling. When the game started, John sat directly in front of me. There was this woman who kept getting up and walking up past us. She looked like she had just chemically straightened her hair that morning, and the frizz was very “Ozone Park/Howard Beach.” If you’re from Brooklyn or Queens you know what I mean. She was just a walking straight line. Finally I could not bear it anymore. The third time she passed us, I said just loud enough, “the 80’s called, they want their hairstyle back.” I really got John with that one.
    Later the game went into extra innings, and Frieda and I are cracking each other up about how we are rooting for which ever team would get us home faster. “This has all the appeal of a bachelor party at Medieval Times,” (Yes I said that, hee, hee). Anyway, hanging out with John and Frieda was a lot of fun.

  2. Hey, Army Dad...want to get your own blog?? That was probably the longest comment I've ever had! Love you!

  3. This comment is from Freida. She e-mailed it to me asking me to put it here since she doesn't have an account and can't figure out how to open one!

    Well armydad, if your career needs a shift change, I highly recommend sports announcer! I had a lot more fun with your commentary than that of guy with the loud mic! Baseball is the thing that Jon and I share. I wasn't a baseball fan, but I agreed to learn about it. We each chose something the other likes and agreed to participate. I chose baseball cause he loves it, and he chose cooking cause I love it. I cannot tell how that has enriched our lives and deepened our relationship. I don't think I will ever love baseball the way he does. I have about a two hour limit, but learning about the game did deepen my appreciation for the game and my husband. Jon isn't crazy about cooking, but the man can bake! There is something special that happens when you learn about what drives a person.Thanks for the mention by the way, whenever we go out, we always wonder if we'll be invited back (hee hee)

    luv you all- Freida

  4. And Jon can bake! Wonderful, delicious cheesecake! The best dessert at our July 4th celebration!