School Update...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well the kids came home and everything went very well today. Olivia loves her new school and so do I! It seems she has classes from 8:00 until 2:00 when she gets on the bus to come home. Nothing like the old high school where they had something like 2 hours of free time to do hall...get in trouble, not that Olivia EVER got in trouble!

Michael had to fill out a questionnaire in his class and one of the questions was, "Who do you feel most closest to in your family?" And he answered, "My mom." How sweet is that??

Just when I think he's too old to like me anymore he goes and does something sweet like that. I said, "Well you probably just wrote me to make me feel good, right?" He looked at me with all sincerity and said, "No, I meant it."

So tomorrow when he's walking down the driveway all embarrassed by his mom watching him get on the bus, I will think of this and not feel so bad about him growing up...maybe...

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