No Idea What to Post About...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Okay, I was reading my blog this morning and thought "What do I post about next?" There's not much really going on...until I got up from the computer to walk into the kitchen to empty the dishwasher and spotted the glass by the other computer. Yup, lovely daughter Olivia is famous for leaving glasses all over the place AFTER the dishwasher has been running.

I know that if I go into the living room there will probably be another glass, maybe even still half full of whatever she was drinking and maybe even a bowl that Michael used for popcorn last night.

Why can't my children bring their things to the kitchen when they're done? Oh, yeah, I know why...that's why I'm here! That's my pick up after them.

Then I remembered back to when I was growing up. My mother use to yell at us kids all the time for leaving glasses and stuff in the living room. I remember this because she use to say to me, "Just wait till you have kids. I hope they leave stuff all over the place for you to pick up!"

Well, Mom, your prediction or should I say prophesy...after all I was raised in a pastor's house...HAS COME TRUE! I am forever picking up glasses and bowls of leftover snacks all over.

And you know what I say to my children as I'm picking up after them..."I hope when you have children they leave stuff all over for you to pick up." The tradition shall live on...Later!

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  1. HAAA!!! So funny. The same goes here. Becca goes down stairs in the evening with her "snack" and yep, you guessed it, the following morning the glass and bowl are still there. It will never end. I say the same thing to her...but Becca will be a "professional VET" and she'll have "people" picking up after her, and her children, so she says...she even says that I will be "working" for her, and I'll still be picking up after her when she's a vet.....she better pay me well, that's all I say - yeah right!