Is it Wrong to Stay in Your PJ's All Day...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So, what do you think? I love to put on a fresh pair of PJ's in the morning after I've showered and stay in them ALL DAY. Now, these are days when I'm planning on staying HOME and not running to the grocery store!

I have quite a few pair of really comfy, cotton PJ's that I love to wear all day when I know I don't have to go anywhere. Most days I am home, working at my computer, cleaning house, getting meals prepared, etc. If I don't have run any errands, I will put a nice clean pair on to stay in all day.

Of course, that doesn't help when unexpected company drops in, Anna K., and sees you in your PJ's! That was embarrassing...but then she said that my PJ's didn't even look like PJ's but something she would wear out. So I didn't feel too bad then!

Enjoy a day in your PJ's if you will be so comfortable if you do!



  1. At least they are "Clean PJ's"....not dirty ones that some people wear all day long! Nothing wrong with it, but I do suggest that you get a nice pair of capri sweats and wear them all day long - get them in several colors.....and maybe you should just get out a's a nice world out there!

  2. Why didn't you share a picture of you in your nice "clean pj's"? Would be nice to see.

  3. Sorry, no pics...I'm actually in a nice pair of cotton crops and a cotton top today, no PJ's. I'm home all day today working since Michael is sick with Scarlet Fever AGAIN...

  4. that's a step above what I do - stay in the pj's I slept in until after lunch and then get embarrassed when the UPS man knocks on my door! ;-)