Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today we leave for our vacation to Myrtle Beach! I'm very excited. We first went down to Myrtle Beach last summer and found a great hotel that we all loved. We were able to get a one bedroom condo/suite. It was our first experience with this type of a room. There was a sleeper sofa, Murphy bed and even washer and dryer. We've always in the past just had regular rooms, you know, one room with two

Anyway, we decided since the kids are now older we would look into something a little bigger. I found this wonderful hotel on line and booked us a room praying the pictures on the internet would live up to the hotel in real life.

We left our house around 4:00 AM last year and made it down to Myrtle Beach in about 10 hours. The kids did great in the car, but, then again, they are older! I wasn't too crazy about the hotel at first because we were on the 8th floor. I really didn't want to be that high. But, after a day floating around in the lazy river, I fell in love with the place.

Yes, I cooked all our meals there. Didn't mind one bit. Yes, I spent almost all my time there laying in a lounge chair reading or floating in the lazy river. And, yes, my husband and I got up every morning to walk on the beach leaving the kids back in the room asleep.

So, we are headed off today to our new favorite place to vacation. I will try and post a few times while we are there. The Colonel is bringing his lap top. He is going to try and get a chapter or two done on his thesis and the kids and I love to stay in touch via internet. If you care to see where we are sunning ourselves, check out our hotel... We've been saving since the beginning of the year to go on this vacation. I have this envelope (I won't tell you where I hide it) that I would put some money in every week and we have just enough for our trip, including the extra money for gas. Enjoy!

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