My Garden...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My garden is doing really well, as you can see from the above pictures. I was a little concerned since we got the plants in the ground pretty late this year. We only planted three tomato plants. Usually we do around 6 or 8, but things are doing good, although as you can see from the pictures, the cucumbers are once again pushing themselves through the fence that my husband had to rebuild because last year the cucumbers destroyed the fence. But, he has assured me that this fence is much stronger. I do think some of the rabbits that call our yard home will be enjoying some cucumbers if I can't figure out how to get the cucumbers picked before they eat them!

Before we left for Myrtle Beach I had asked my husband to please put some stakes up around the tomato plants. Each year he tries different ways to help stake the tomatoes. Usually in some form of a pyramid. They've all worked, but, this year I wanted something different. I had asked him to please just put four stakes around each plant sort of boxing them in.

I had errands to run that day and before I left told him where in the garage he could find the green stakes we used last year. I came home around 2 hours later only to find my husband in his shed constructing stakes out of left over lumber. Of course he would make new ones. Why use the store bought green stakes when he can make new ones out of the leftover lumber from building the shed???

He spent ALL AFTERNOON making these three boxes for the tomato plants. And, I must admit, they're the best stakes we've ever had. I think we have the perfect way to stake our tomatoes. I've only needed to tie a few of them onto the new stakes. The boxes really hold them pretty good. Thank you honey!!!


  1. You would think that I would be used to my wife's green thumb by now, but she never ceases to impress me.

  2. Excellent idea Phil. We have the same problem with our tomatoes. We bought those cone stakes this year only for the tomatoes to outgrow them and pull them out. Of course, my little tomato "crop" is just some pots on the patio, but we're getting some great growth and yummy tomatoes this year. Your garden looks great. We wish had the room for something like you have done. Enjoy - see you in a week.
    Your Brother

  3. man, my grammar and spelling stinks! I need spell check!