My Birthday...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes, as my husband mentioned in the comment section of his birthday post, it was also my birthday last Friday, the 11th. Our birthdays are 3 days apart. When we were dating I thought it was really "cool" to have our birthdays so close together. But, then the novelty wore off!

Do we have two birthday cakes? Or, if we only have one, who gets it? If we have two birthday cakes, we have so much cake hanging around. We were for a time baking one cake and using half of it for my birthday and then 3 days later, writing Phil's name on the other half. That got old really quickly.

So, for the past few years we have been sharing a day and celebrating together. I really like celebrating it like this. It's almost like you get to celebrate your birthday twice. Which for my sister is about half of the celebrations she gets for her birthday.

This year we picked Saturday. We all went out to Red Robin, mom included, and had a very nice lunch. I ordered the fried zucchini as an appetizer, which I usually don't get to do since the kids don't like it, but since it was my birthday celebration I got to order what I like! The restaurant was a bit noisy, but, we had a great time.

We came back home and had cake and opened presents. I've attached a picture of what my honey got me...a beautiful Seiko watch. Notice the pink face! I had mentioned a few months ago that I would really like a nice watch. Something that didn't make me break out every time I wore it! I have this weird allergy to metal in jewelry. He went to the jewelry store and picked out a watch for about $250 knowing that I could exchange it for a different one if I wanted to.

I opened it up and it was really pretty. Only too thin, I really like thick watches. So, on Sunday after church (sorry dad) we went to the mall and I proceeded to look at watches. I was having a hard time finding something thick enough until the girl behind the counter showed me the watches that were on clearance. I fell in love with the above watch. I said, "Oh, it has crystals around it as well." The salesgirl said, "No, those aren't crystals, they're diamonds." I proceeded to hand her back the watch when she told me the watch was over $600...thinking no way will the clearance price be what we had budgeted for.

She then took out her calculator and worked her magic and lo and behold the watch came out to $275!!! So, my honey said, "Of course that's the watch" and I agreed. It's really pretty and I love it! The best part of all is I've worn it now for 3 days and it has yet to make me break out in a rash!

Thank you honey!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Which for my sister is about half of the celebrations she gets...

    I'm dy'n over here!

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