Happy Birthday...

Monday, July 28, 2008

...Anna "K"!

I was speaking with my mom last night after we came home from Myrtle Beach and she mentioned that Anna called and that it was her birthday, Sunday. So, Happy Birthday Anna! I know you read this blog and want you to know I hope you have a blessed year and that the Lord will rain down His blessings upon you and your family! Love you!!


  1. Lois, how sweet of you to comment and I was surprised to see it. How cool!! I love your blog and your music that you have on it. Very inspirational!! I'm glad you guys had a nice time on your vacation. Lov u!! Anna K.

  2. Finally AnnaK commented on your blog...gotta wish her a happy birthday to get her to comment on your blog! HA!!!! Maybe I should wish AnnK a Happy Birthday on my blog and she will finally leave a comment?

  3. That's because she likes me more! Just kidding!

  4. you guys are bad!!!!!!!! ha ha