Happy Birthday Colonel!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Today is my honey's birthday. I just wanted to take this time to let everyone know what a wonderful person he is. He's a great dad to our children and a wonderful husband to me. He makes me feel safe whenever he's around. He always makes me laugh and I don't know what I would do without him. So, honey, Happy Birthday! May the Lord pour out His blessings upon you in the coming year! Love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Phil - sorry forgot to call - Liz and Dave

  2. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving - LOL.

    My precious wife is way better than I deserve. Thank you, Princess.

    Liz, no harm done, I was out of the house at the crack of dawn. Like your sister, I'm not big on too much attention.

    Speakin of HER, now its my turn to drop on dime. If you read this blog and know Lois, then wish her a belated happy birthday (July 11th). The past couple of days was our "birthday weekend." Presents usually consist of a small token and a card to each other and from the children. Even the last few anniversaries consisted of a mutually aggreed upon construction project as "our gift to each other." Christmas is the big deal around here ;-).

  3. That should have read "drop A dime." Can we all say brain hiccup?

  4. Happy belated Birthday you two. I forgot to call as well, Sorry. I thought about it all day and said to myself, I'll call tonight. But "tonight" came and went. Soooo, Happy Birthday to you....