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Monday, June 30, 2008

As promised, here are pictures of our vegetable garden. Last year I grew quite a lot of cucumbers and zucchini, not realizing that they would love to grow up the chicken wire fence enclosing the garden! The weight of the plants really damaged the fence so my husband took it apart last fall when we cleaned up our yard promising to rebuild a much stronger one this spring.

We didn't realize how busy his job would keep him this spring, so he was only able to get to the fence 2 weeks ago. And, of course, it had to be the strongest he could build, thus taking him 2 good weekends to get it complete!

As a result we only planted a few tomato plants and only one cucumber and zucchini. I planted my herbs in a pot which is up on the deck. I'm trying to get that strawberry plant to survive, so, I planted it also in the vegetable garden. My husband thinks it's a lost cause, but, we'll see! The mint we planted last year came back and is doing really nicely. I need to point out that yes, that is fog you see. My husband and I were out in the garden at 6:00 AM last Saturday planting. If you click on the picture, they increase in size. Oh, and by they way, my mom's house is located behind the white shed in the next yard. The houses look pretty close together, but all the lots up here are on 1 acre. I think I'll take some pictures of my mom's house and post them so you all can see what a wonderful house my father and mom picked out.
Enjoy the pictures! Later...

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  1. Husband checking in...

    I'm being really prickly here, but it's useful to mention that the gate to the kitchen garden does close.