Monday, June 30, 2008

Above are pictures before, during and after of the work "we" did around our deck the past few weeks. I say "we" because really my husband did all the work! I just did all the spending for the new plants.

Last year we had the roof put on over the deck my husband built the year before in 2006. When the men came to work on the roof they completely tore apart the rock wall that surrounded the deck we worked ever so hard putting in! They put it back together, but, not to our liking. We lived with it all summer and decided that "we" would re-do it come this spring.

Last year I planted marigolds and zinnias all around and it looked so pretty! But, what work! So, when "we" tore apart the wall a few weeks ago, I decided to spend the money on perennials. They come back every year and are really pretty. And, not so much back breaking work on planting every spring.

I think "we" did a great job! It looks pretty and I know by next year the plants will increase in size and I'll probably get a few more to fill in. Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of the great work "we" did on our vegetable garden! Later...

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  1. Lois' husband here. To be fair, the job is only as good as the supervision one receives. For household projects, I have the best supervision one could ever ask for.