My Weekend...

Monday, June 9, 2008

As promised, here are some pictures of how I spent my weekend. First of all, I need to point out that it was HOT here in PA this weekend! My husband and I woke up early and were out emptying our garage before 7:00 AM, to try and beat the heat. But, it didn't work. He helped for a bit before his shed started to "call" him. So, with the help of my son, we emptied out the garage. I am quite embarrassed that our garage got so out of control. It really became a dumping ground in the past month or so. My parents gave us some furniture that they weren't able to use anymore and with my dad in the hospital we just didn't have time to store the furniture properly.

So, here are pictures before, during and after my organizing. I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. There's room for my refrigerator that's currently in our kitchen to be moved out to the garage. The one we have now is way too small. I'm still amazed at times how I manage to fit everything in it. So, we will go shopping and get a nice big one that makes ice cubes, seeing how I'm the only one in this household who knows how to do that!

When my parents moved here to PA, my dad no longer needed the bookcases that were in his study at Bethlehem and then in his study up in Syracuse and finally in Lake Wallkill. I took them thinking they would fit somewhere in our house. But, by the time they were emptied and sitting in my garage they really didn't look too good anymore! We were hoping at first to put them up in our second floor hallway where we have a little balcony. But, that wasn't going to work. And, they wouldn't fit down in our playroom. I think they work perfectly here! What space I have with them! I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind them being put to use in my garage! At least, my mom said so!

Well, that's how I spent my Saturday. It was pretty exhausting and I spent most of the day praying, "Dear Lord, please help me." I will probably never do this again or at least wait until it's a much cooler time of year, like December.


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  1. Lois - Martha would be proud!!! Your sister