The Biggest Mistake of My Life...

Monday, June 2, 2008

...allowing my husband to talk me into HIM building our shed. Okay, maybe that's not the biggest mistake I've ever made, but, it comes close. I know my husband means well. Really. It's just that he has no time for projects! I pleaded with him to please just order the shed already built. But, no, he had to buy the kit and put it up himself on his only week off from work in ages! And, the guy at Lowes was no help at all either in convincing my husband to buy it already built.

My husband's job is very demanding and he is often without days off. It's not unusual for him to work 2, maybe 3 weeks in a row and then get maybe 1 or 2 days off. We had planned for 2 weeks off in May. We weren't going anywhere, just going to try and get things done around the house. Oh yeah, and build the shed. Well, he came back from Virginia and my dad passed away so we were quite busy the first week of his vacation, which I need to point out, he still had to go in to work one day!

Then last week, Memorial Day. I was sick, sick, sick. I came down with this terrible stomach flu the Sunday before Memorial Day. I woke up in the morning thinking surely we will cancel the barbecue we had planned. NO. Everyone still came over after being warned how sick I was with a promise that I would stay up in the bedroom. Tuesday, my husband starts bright and early on the shed and continued working on the shed until Saturday evening. I mean, out in the yard from 6:00 AM till 9:00 most evenings! And, where was I you might ask?? I was still sick!

I couldn't even make it to church yesterday. But, when my husband came home around 12:30 as I was preparing lunch for him and the kids, he said to me, "Oh, Joe is coming over around 1:00." JOE? Thank God for Joe! He's our contractor who has worked on refinishing our basement and putting on the roof over our deck last summer. Phil called Joe on his way to church and had him come over to give us an estimate on finishing up the shed. My husband went back to work today and could not see coming home over the next few weeks to an unfinished project.

Thank you Sweetie! Now when he comes home this weekend, maybe we can get to a few of our projects around the house, like cleaning and organizing the garage and rebuilding the rock wall around the garden, oh yeah...and finding that guy at Lowes who promised putting a shed together from a kit would be quick and easy!


  1. Lois' husband here. Yes, my poor long suffering wife does put up with a lot. Had I known is was going to take this long, I would have orderd it already built. To be fair, when I opened the kit, nothing, and I mean NOTHING was labled. When I thought I was ordering a kit, I wrongly presumed that everyting would be coded and marked - you know - fit "A" onto "B" and so forth. The real selling point for me was the pre-cut aspect of all the lumber, particularly the rafters. However, some of the pieces were so warped, twisted and uneven that I had to break out my miter saw. One of the roof rafters was so far gone that that I had to cut a whole new piece. Don't even get me started with the squaring and leveling.
    The only part of this that was done right from the start was the foundation which I did myself. Two 6x6 beams sitting on top of 6pylons sunk to their rims in the rocky soil.
    During construction Lois kept saying how bad she felt for my, but watching this project proceed at a snail's pace while fighting her stomach vius could not have been easy for her. If you are thinking about doing something like this, don't. Order it ready made. Totally worth the $1,000.00 or so you're going to save otherwise. Barring that, design and build it yourself. Don't order a kit!! Oh well. LOL - at least all my friends are impressed.

  2. Phil, the shed looks good to me. Nice Job! I too learned the hard way the first time and bought one of those "do it yourself" kits. It took me days to put it up, meanwhile the same scenario, my wife asking me what was I thinking?
    They (the wives)just don't get it do they? There is something to be said about stepping back and looking at your work and saying, "I did that myself," even if it is not perfect.
    The second time around I just bought a pre-built shed and had it delivered. My wife was happy and I was happy. What's better than that?
    Keep up the good work! - Bill