A Miracle of God...

Friday, May 16, 2008

I know it's been a while since I've posted. My life has been so occupied with trying to keep up here at home, the kids, my husband being gone and, of course, my dad being in the hospital. He's still in ICU, almost three weeks now, although they are trying to move him up to an observation room sometime today.

I spent the day with him yesterday since my mom had to go back to NJ for a doctor's appointment she made months ago and to see her dentist. He looked so good. The nurses had just given him a bath and his hair was even washed. He was sitting up in bed trying to eat breakfast. He's only been receiving food for a day or two. And, it can only be soft, pureed food. He still cannot take any liquids. For the past few days he's been begging for water, "A nice glass of cold water with ice from the refrigerator, please." Unfortunately for my dad, he still chokes on water. They gave him some medication yesterday with a tiny amount of water and a few minutes later he started gagging and threw up. So, no water yet.

There's still confusion at times. He still can't remember the year or the current president. Nor, could he remember who he voted for in the last election, but knows it was a republican. But, when I questioned him about the times when I was little and we use to go and pick fruit in Jamaica, Queens, he knew right away whose house it was, "Apple's" was his response. And, yes, there was this wonderful couple in our church who had a beautiful home and they had a huge garden with plenty of fruit bushes. They would invite us over each year to pick whatever we wanted. I remember clearly sitting for the whole time with their blueberry bushes, eating more than I picked! And, so did my dad. He even remembered making my sister and I eat the brussel sprouts Sis. Apple fixed for dinner. Oh, how we hated them!

I commented to my dad that it's so wonderful that none of his limbs were broken, he said so clearly, "It's a miracle of God." That's what we've been saying from day one. A miracle. Where was God when my dad was falling down those stairs?? God was right with him protecting him from further harm. I truly believe with all my heart that if my Lord was not watching over my dad, he would have died. My dad has served the Lord all of his life. And, more importantly, the Lord has been faithful to him. We may not always see the Lord at first as we go through terrible times, but, when we begin to look back over the tragedies we realize that He has always been with us.

At the end of the day the blessings of this life are our family, friends and people who love us. Through this tragedy my family has realized how much we are loved. And, more importantly, how much my father is loved by so many people. At the end of the day, we don't know which day will be our last, but it's the impact we make for God that's important. What we do now will make a difference in eternity. My father's life is an example of that by the many cards and e-mails he's received from so many people telling him that they serve the Lord now because of his dedication to God.

May we all realize that this life we live now is not our final destiny. There is so much more waiting for us. But, the decision is ours to make. If my father were to have died, I have a blessed assurance that I will one day see him again. Not as he is here, but in a glorified, un-hurting body, worshiping our Savior.


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  1. I get comfort from your emails about Daddy, thank you! Your sister