My Sister Inspired ME!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Okay, Liz, you got me hooked on starting a blog. I've actually thought of doing one months ago, and did start one, but never kept up with it. Actually, I only made one entry and then couldn't remember how to get back to it to add any more!

So, reading my sister's blog got me to thinking...maybe I should start mine up again. And, here I am! My husband will probably laugh at this, but, that' s okay.

I'll be back later to let you in on my day. Not too exciting so far. Got my lovely daughter, Olivia, out the door by 6:45. She was her "happy" self as usual. Well, not really. But who would be at that hour getting on a bus to take you to high school? I told her this morning that when I was in high school I use to have to walk...she just rolled her eyes at me! Michael is still sick. Still has a fever. Has been sick since Tuesday and has missed 3 days now. And, more importantly, has missed finishing up on his PSSA's.

I'm almost done with my first file for the day. I work from home as a transcriber. I really enjoy it and it helps bring in money without me leaving the house. Helps pay for the braces as I like to say! My husband, the Colonel, is home today. He leaves tonight for Kansas. He'll be gone for about 2 weeks. My parents are coming by later this morning to move more of their clothes into their new house, which I can see by standing on my deck. They'll be here permanently in 2 weeks. So, I should get moving and jump in the shower, which is really a joke since some days I can barely move with my back. But, I'll be back later to fill you all in on the rest of my day.

Oh, this is for Dave, my brother-in-law. There's a spell check button at the top that you can use! But, I read your blog and didn't see anything wrong, so don't know what everyone is complaining about to you!

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  1. Hey - can't believe that I have inspired you! Love the blog, will be fun to read.....your sister, Liz