I'm a great mom...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Okay, yesterday my parents came out and moved some more of their things into the house. Mom and I worked in the kitchen and I helped get her organized. After lunch, mom, dad and I went up to Lowes to pick out the rocking chairs we purchased for her for her birthday. I left Olivia and Michael home because I wanted to go into Kohls and look for some clothes for myself. And...the kids did not want to come follow me through the store. So, being a "great mom" I left them home to fry their brain cells on the computer all afternoon.

When I came home the kids were fine. I had a bunch of straightening up to do and was just plain exhausted. Later on that evening around 8:00, Michael said he was itchy. I really just ignored him and told him he'll be okay. Putting him to bed around 10:30 he again complained of being itchy. But, being the "great mom" I am, did not even check him out.

Well, come Sunday morning, I'm up at around 6:30 getting my bed made, figuring out what to wear to church, etc., in walks Michael with hives all over his body. He said, again, "I'm itchy." Well, this time I did not ignore him! The poor fellow! I said, "Let's get some Benadryl in you right away!" We head downstairs to the bathroom off the kitchen where I keep all our medications and being the "great mom" I am, take out the bottle of Benadryl only to find it expired a year ago. That's no problem, we have Zyrtec in the house. Michael uses it for his seasonal allergies. Again, being the "great mom" that I am, we cannot find the bottle he used last fall.

So, I tell him to get in the shower and I head out the door to the drug store to purchase all the things that any "great mom" would have in their possession for when these types of circumstances arise. Of course, I wake up Olivia and tell her to come downstairs just in case Michael needs help or anything. I try the nearby gas station/convenience store and all they have is pill form, which I know Michael will not handle well.

I head into town and go to Rite Aid and purchase Benadryl, anti-itch cream and even some oatmeal powder in case the hives get so bad he can take a bath later on. Then I go through the McDonald's drive thru and get us all some breakfast because after all, I'm a "great mom."



  1. You are a GREAT MOM!!!!! Liz

  2. I'm with Liz. Don't beat yourself up over this.

  3. Poor Michael, and his mom didn't even pay any attention to him while he was so itchy!!! Some mom you are! Been there done that....LOL...your sister!

    p.s. don't forget the mints on our pillows!!!

  4. You are quite funny! And you really are a wonderful writer.....
    I hope you know that you are a great mom....we know that and so do your kids :)
    Enjoy the sunshine....your parents....and your "itchy" child!!!!

  5. great song ... who is that?
    love your blog -
    your bro