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Party: Summer Berry Recipes - Foodie Friends Friday

It is hot, hot, hot in my corner of the world! 

And I don't know about you, but the perfect way to cool down might just be with enjoying a few of these amazing Summer Berry Recipes we're featuring from last week's party. 

Recipe: How to Make the Best Steak Seasoning for the Perfect Grilled Steak

You're going to love how easy this steak seasoning recipe is from Walking on Sunshine.

The other day I asked my Walking on Sunshine Facebook friends how they marinade steak.  It seems there are a tons of great marinades out there and I even have a few on my blog! 

But the overwhelming response was just to use salt and pepper.  Especially if you have a good cut of meat.  And I did just that...only I created an Easy Steak Seasoning Recipe for the perfect grilled steak and let me tell was amazing. 

In fact, I'm calling it my House Seasoning Recipe because I've started using it on more than just steak! 

Party: Homemade Popsicle Recipes - Perfect for the Hot Summer Months

Welcome to Delicious Dishes Recipe Party!

This week we are featuring Homemade Popsicle Recipes that are perfect for the hot summer months. How are you keeping cool this summer?  

The heat hasn't been bothering me that much so far this summer.  But when I am out in my garden and the sun is beating down on me, I would love to cool off with one of these delicious homemade popsicle recipes! 

Weekly Menu Plan: Sheet Pan Dinners - Easy Recipes for Busy Families

I'm so excited about our Weekly Menu Plan feature today. 

I'm featuring 5 different Sheet Pan Dinners that I know you're going to love.  Hey...I'm going to love them too.  Have you ever made dinner using just a sheet pan?  I've always wanted to try a sheet pan recipe and this week is the perfect time.  

Inspiration: Psalms 103 - Scripture Sunday

FREE Printable of Psalms 103 from Walking on Sunshine.

Psalms 103:1-5 hit me like a ton of bricks the other day.  This seems to be something I'm trying to do more and more each day.  Put aside how I'm "feeling" and just start praising the Lord.  
Once I start making a mental list of the good things in my life, I find my attitude changes.  

Party: Summer Vegetable Recipes fresh from the Garden!

Welcome back to Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party #255.

It's a little hard to believe we've been doing these parties with you for so many weeks...but we have been having fun.  I love seeing all these projects and recipes you create week after week. 

These week we are featuring Summer Vegetable Recipes fresh from the Garden!  Check out the Easy Caprese Chickpea Salad featured above.  Doesn't that look amazing?   

Family: The Best Burger Ever and My Birthday

The best burger ever and a little of my birthday celebration from Walking on Sunshine.

Today I'm sharing with you the Best Burger Ever that my son had at a restaurant and a little about my birthday...which was yesterday! 

When I first started blogging nine years ago, my blog was mostly an online type of diary of my day-to-day life.  I shared everything from my kids, what I was working on around the house and, of course, what I was cooking for dinner in our kitchen. 

Party: Kid-Friendly Snacks - Delicious Dishes

Kid-Friendly Snacks featured on Walking on Sunshine.

Welcome to Delicious Dishes Recipe Party!

We hope you had a great July 4th celebration last week.  We missed you and all your delicious recipes.  This week we are featuring Kid-Friendly Snacks that you shared with us from party #75.  

Weekly Menu Plan: Potato Recipes - Side Dishes

This week's Menu Plan is all about using potatoes as the Side Dishes from Walking on Sunshine.
Welcome back to our second Weekly Menu Plan!

This week I'm focusing on Best Side Dishes for Dinner this week. But not just any side dishes, these are all Potato Recipes that will go perfectly with your meat.  Some of these recipes are good enough to just eat as the main dish.  

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